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Create the Best Virtual Wedding Invitations: Tips and Tricks

Gone are the days when you had to go to the store to find wedding invitations. Using internet superpowers, you can create beautifully crafted virtual wedding invitations while sitting on the couch.

You may be wondering how you can do it all! Then add the fact that virtual weddings are on the rise. That would add a whole extra layer of questions. How do you say a virtual wedding invitation? Do I have to have invitations printed, or e-invites will suffice? What are the best and cheapest websites to do? We will look at all the questions and more in this blog post.

To Print or Digitalize Your Virtual Wedding Invitations?

With the rapidly changing wedding sector, many well-connected traditions are also changing. You may be wondering what traditions you should follow and what you should reject. In the past, wedding invitations were always printed on fine paper and often had several stationary pieces. But now couples are sending a mix of printed and digital invitations. In principle, this decision depends on personal preferences. Are you a more traditional bride/groom who will appreciate the memory of a printed wedding invitation? Or are you a newer eco-minded bride who prefers to spend money elsewhere? Let’s look at the benefits of both types of virtual wedding invitations.

Pros of Printed Virtual Wedding Invitations

More formal:- Printed wedding invitations definitely mean more formality than digital invitations. However, this does not mean that your action should be formal or complete!

Makes it clear who is invited:- By naming each envelope, it will be clear who is invited. This is always confusing when sending digital invitations because you usually only send an invitation in one email.

Easier to access for some:- While most people today have email addresses, some older visitors may not have access. You guarantee that all your guests will receive and respond to the invitation by sending a paper invitation!

Not easily missed:- In the digital world we live everyone received a lot of e-mails in their inboxes. Due to many e-mails in the mailboxes, the invite e-mail can be missed by someone. However, if you send a physical invitation to a virtual wedding, it is more likely to be placed on the refrigerators or tables of all your loved ones.

Pros of Digital Virtual Wedding Invitations

Affordable:- If you choose the path of digital invitations, you can really save. You can add paper invitations, such as envelopes and stamps, immediately if you’re not careful. There are many sites that offer digital invitations for free or even cheaper!

Immediate RSVP:- With a digital wedding invitation, there is usually always a link that your guests can click immediately to confirm their acknowledgement. This will allow you to quickly keep track of who is participating.

More eco friendly:- Sending virtual invitations would be like a big hug on planet Earth. You don’t have to stress with all the paper that is used for invitations and envelopes! It’s a win in our book.

Story-Based Theme:- If we go with a video invite then we can create the wedding invitation video on a love story theme-based even to make it more special.

Types of sending:- We have many options for digital wedding invitations to send such as Save the date card, Video Invitations, GIFs, PDF invites, and Wedding Websites as well that contain all ceremony information as well.

Top Websites to Use for Your Virtual Wedding Invitations

Wish N Wed

Wish N Wed offers a wide range of digital virtual wedding invitations such as video invitations, GIF invitations, save the date invitations, wedding websites, and pdf invitations for all your wedding activities. Customize your online wedding invitation tool or choose the one that will be perfectly designed for your needs. Wish N Wed, truly believes that your email invitation should be as unique as yours, and we invite custom invitations for all occasions.

Wedding invitations are tailored with concepts to suit your wedding style. From a 2 state theme to a love-themed video, modern to traditional, floral illustrations, to wedding and bridesmaid illustrations, customize your wedding video to save the date. Engagement video invitations, Mehendi & Sangeet digital invitation, electronic bachelor or farewell party invitation, video with the Indian wedding invitation.


Zola is great because you can choose from hundreds of themes! You can get a link to save your dates, thank you and coordinate everything to customize your wedding website. Virtual wedding invitations can also be easily customized (add your engagement photos, etc.), get a free guest address, print out your cards (free shipping) and get them within 10 days. In addition, Zola has a great guest list manager who will keep track of all your RSVPs and regrets for you. Zola is your only point of contact for everything related to wedding invitations.


Minted offers beautiful designs for printing on transparencies, gloss and letterpress, from which you can choose. In addition, Minted also offers great “Day of” stationery to choose from: place and escort cards, table numbers, places, wedding signs and thank you cards. Finally, Minted offers free feedback from guests.


Zazzle offers several categories to choose from, such as “floral”, “rustic”, “modern” and “watercolour”. To find the atmosphere you are looking for, simply enter one of the sentences and you will be redirected to hundreds of options to choose from! Zazzle can also create lots of other products to accompany your wedding invitations. You can make mugs, t-shirts and koozies as a favourite party. In addition, Zazzle also has a lot of sales!

Green Envelope

The green envelope is perfect for a friendly couple! With each purchase, they contribute to various non-profit organizations, such as the National Forest Foundation and the National Park Foundation. In addition, they collaborate with independent artists and designers to create beautiful and eco-friendly wedding invitations.


Canva has a whole section dedicated to wedding invitation templates. One of the features we love is the ability to collaborate on a design with friends or family. Give your wedding invitation a special look with your own Canva design!I hope this will help you in understanding the difference between Printed Virtual Wedding Invitations and Digital Virtual Wedding Invitations.

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