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Is Your Financial Planning Set Before Pal Matrimony?

Get onboard with these checklists before confirming your marriage, Now!

If you’re mentally ready for your marriage, it’s great! But there are other factors as well which you need to keep in mind before your Pal matrimony wedding. Keep reading to know what!

First of all, congratulations on making up your mind about marriage. But do you know there are a few more things that are equally imperative as finding the right guy before marriage matching? Here is a list. Make sure you’ve checked on each of them before sitting at the wedding altar.

Financial Independence

Financial stability is the primary and most important condition before marriage. Be it, men or women, make sure that you are capable of covering your finances and basic necessities before getting hitched in Pal matrimony. No matter how much we have evolved, there is still a deep-rooted concept of categorized gender roles in our society. It is still believed that all sorts of monetary troubles and career pressure are supposed to be taken care of by men. While women may or may not earn according to their choices but must excel in daily house chores and maintenance. 

No, people! Financial independence is equally crucial for both partners. Unless your career assures you of enough monetary support for yourself and your family, we suggest. Do Not even think of getting married!

Life and Health Insurance

You might not see the relevancy of insurance and marriage now but the planning is worth your time and thought. Many of your parents might be at the age of retirement or have retired already by the time you get married. Now, they might or might not get pensions and have financial security after retirement. But it is your job to ensure their well-being and security even when you are away after your Pal matrimony alliance. Then, health insurance comes into action. There are many feasible health insurance plans which demand the bare minimum of money from you every month. In return, it will cover the plan for both you and your parents. So, you can stay relaxed and calm because both you and your parents need not be dependent on anyone for any major emergencies or other medical expenses. Also, you can buy the term insurance plans. For as small amount as INR 1000 or INR 5000 as per your suitability.

Adequate Savings

We know you cannot start planning your saving suddenly before the marriage matching process. So, you have to start this planning way earlier. Most millennials think that they must enjoy lavishly during the early days of their career as responsibilities might hit hard after marriage. But the truth is financial burdens will hit you hard. Only if you do not start early savings for your future. So, even if you are getting a job of as less as 20k, save at least INR 3k each month. Increase your savings exponentially as your annual salary grow and you will have nothing to worry about your monetary burdens later. 

Moreover, you will be able to help your, parents, in financing your big day and host the wedding of your dreams with enough balance in your bank account. Also, you will be capable enough to take care of the customary minor complications regarding money and goods between the two families at Indian weddings.

Wedding Planner

Many families still consider wedding planners as some fancy term. And assume they will cost them much extra than the budget. But that’s a myth guys!

You can hire a wedding planner from competitive Pal matrimony websites like Betterhalf. And ensure to get maxim discounts and superb deals for weddings. Instead, these professionals will cost you nothing but your exact budget for the wedding. All you have to do is to tell them your budget. And the type of celebrations your want at your wedding. They will make sure that you get everything according to your criteria at a minimum cost. Moreover, they are also familiar with and have tie-ups with all the wedding vendors and shopkeepers. Naturally, these vendors offer them maximum discounts and great deals to finance a dream wedding!

So, these finance handling lists should be on your top most priority before you are deciding to get married. It will not just make your wedding grand and the way you like but will also make your marriage and family happier!


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