Kraft Boxes: What Makes Them Special and Where Can You Get Yours?

Kraft containers have taken over the packaging business to the forefront a few years ago. For many, they’re the ugly duckling that should avoid at all costs. Due to their brown hue Kraft boxes are often associate with cardboard boxes which lack fashion, design or style.

As you’ll discover in this blog post this could not be further from the truth.

For many businesses, the Kraft box is the most popular option. Their rough design is the key ingredient to many innovative branding ideas. The fact that they’re made of 100% recycle materials from post-consumer waste is the cherry on top of the cake.

The amount of personalization they can provide can make Custom Kraft Boxes as stunning as they are practical.

Let’s get acquainted with the various ins and outs of kraft boxes and see how they can useful for your product.

Kraft boxes and kraft papers An overview

What is kraft paper ?

We are all aware that paper is derive from trees. It is derive specifically from wood fibres known as pulp.

The wood fibers that are derive from the pulp, in addition to other chemicals, include the lignin and cellulose. Lignin is a protein that binds the fibres and gives them their brown colour.

Most people are unaware that paper isn’t white. It’s brown. For the production of white paper, fibers have to bleached.

What’s so appealing about Kraft paper? It’s unbleached, which implies that it’s the purest of papers that is uncontaminat by chlorine. It does not require any processing to achieve its stunning natural brown color.

As you might expect, bleaching is a chemical process, so the fewer steps paper must take, the more environmentally friendly it becomes.

Boxes made of Kraft Paper: Why should you be proud to use them?

There are many reasons the earth will be grateful for you using Kraft paper.

How does it affect you for you? For starters, you’ll be proud to work for a company that strives to reduce its carbon footprint.

What is the reason and why it matter? Let’s look at it in detail.

1. Kraft boxes are made of 100 100% recycle materials

The virgin kraft paper is directly make of unbleached pulps, most boxes made of kraft are make from recycled Kraft paper. The kraft paperboard that we employ for our kraft boxes is construct of 100% recycle post-consumer material!

You’re contributing to the global recycling industry.

2. Kraft boxes are not coated.

Since it’s a paper that has been less processed Kraft paper has a rougher texture that isn’t able to take coatings and laminates quickly.

Coatings and laminates can make the recycling process more difficult because they have to separate from paper. Because they’re not coat and kraft boxes, they are more sustainable.

3. Kraft boxes are completely recyclable

Kraft boxes are as close to nature as one can get. With no coatings, they are easily biodegradable and don’t leave behind harmful leftovers. Combine this with our organic-certified inks that we print with and you’ll be confident that of your packaging as 100% green.

Why should you care about being environmentally conscious? It’s because it means more sales and a lifetime of customers.

People are looking for plastics and other non-recyclable packaging. There is a significant demand for more environmentally friendly packaging. With Kraft boxes, you’re catching several birds in one go green, more affordable selling and satisfied customers. In the end, you’re making more money, and your product is seen by more customers which helps you achieve your objectives.

4. And on top of that the fact that kraft boxes are durable and long-lasting

Even though it’s an uncoated card stock, due to it being very thick (18 points thick) it is resistant to humidity and more rigorous handling.

It also provides protection from scratching and chaffing.

With an auto-locking bottom, they’re an ideal fit for heavy objects like candle containers, cups and beverages, and other items. It is no surprise that fragile items like products for skincare or jewelry like glass dropper bottles, or even small glass jars will well secured also.

Kraft boxes: natural and natural. Contrary to what is commonly believe Kraft boxes are not the only option for every product. The majority of our customers are in the industry of handmade including soap and home-made skin care products, to food and food items, gifts and toys You name it. These boxes are popular!

If you’re looking for a natural feeling and natural appearance for your packaging Kraft boxes are the best way to take. The wood fiber and recycled paper flecks show and provide the paper with rough, textured appearance that reflects authenticity.

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