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10 tips to use lean marketing for your business success

Nearly all marketing departments have the same goal to get more results with a smaller budget. You can achieve this by applying the principles of lean to your work.

What is lean marketing?

Lean Marketing is a way to bring together all marketing techniques and tasks in one place. It allows for flexible and effective promotion of products and brands.

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Lean marketing relies on a series of stages:

  • Identify the problem that the customer is trying to solve.
  • To determine if the product meets our needs, measure the results with the minimum viable product.
  • To be able to apply the lessons learned from the experiment in the next versions, take note.
  • Continue to repeat the steps until you find the final solution.

This principle of lean is essential to successfully implement this philosophy.

  1. We deliver less but more frequently and more quickly: Instead of rushing deliveries until we have a better solution, we create small-scale prototypes that we test often to ensure we are on the right track.
  2. Focus on the task at hand and not try to multitask.
  3. Flexibility: Lean suggests being flexible, rather than sticking to rigid plans.

10 ways to use lean marketing in your business

1) Optimize segmentation

Lean marketing is about achieving maximum results with minimal resources. It is important to target the most interested people to achieve this.

The first step to developing a lean marketing strategy is the creation of a complete buyer profile. This is a profile of your ideal client, which includes demographic and social factors as well as pain. These are all important points that relate to your brand.

2) Do experiments

Lean marketing is all about experimentation. Instead of creating a marketing plan that has a channel assignment predefined, allocate a small budget to several ideas and then compare the results. There are many options: SEO, social ads micro-campaigns and contests, and sweepstakes. Ads in local media offer websites and affiliate marketing.

Let your customers speak up about what is working and what isn’t. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on market research. All you have to do is pay attention to what people say about your brand on social media and set up alerts. It is important to accept the negative comments and learn from them.

4) Offer a quality platform

Lean marketing does not try to be everywhere. Instead, it focuses on one platform that provides value to users.

Once you have identified the channel that works for you, take some time to create quality content that is targeted at your buyer persona.

5) Use social media

Because of their immediate, the networks can be a great channel to lean marketing. We will be able to achieve results quickly if we have someone dedicated to us in real time. This will allow us to adapt our strategy to meet the current needs, which is the essence of lean marketing.

6) Check your content

Content Marketing requires time and effort, particularly with formats such as infographics or webinars.

It is highly recommended that you test small-scale themes or formats before you start creating detailed content. It is a sign that you should spend more time writing about a topic if it attracts a lot of comments and views.

7) Plan short term

Publishing Calendars are an essential tool for content marketing. They are extremely useful in organizing the work of all members of the team. They work better for lean marketing if we don’t try to plan too far ahead, but instead define the dates a few weeks or months in advance. This allows us to maintain flexibility and react according to the circumstances.

8) Adapt in real-time

Plans must be updated as circumstances change. The most successful brands adapt to changing circumstances and don’t mind straying from their original plans.

9) You can experiment with online advertising

Platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads can be used for testing different audiences and formats, creatives, and landing pages, all this while having a low budget. Use the lean approach to your ads. Before launching final campaigns, define a phase of experimentation.

10) Pay attention to the metrics that matter

Measurement is a key pillar in lean marketing because of its emphasis on experimentation. To apply it in your business, you must be able to identify the metrics that are important and not be distracted.

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