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4 Awesome Ways To Find Remote Work In 2022 – How To Live Free

First thing first, I gotta get straightforward, it’s never been so easier to find remote work!

If you’re thinking “Hell, yeah I do!” then I have some bodacious news for you, mate. – it’s not too tough to work from home anywhere in the world, doing what you love! 

And in this post, I’m going to explain how you can get started today…

Whether you want to keep your job and remote work, get a new job that lets you work remotely, start a business or become a freelancer that lets you choose your work location flexibly, there’s something on this list for you.

1. Sell a service on sites like,,, etc.

This is free! Just create an account and post some gigs. There are at least 20 similar sites with a high profile on the net. Here are some ideas for services you could sell.

  • Marketing
  • Proof Reading
  • Admin
  • Voice Acting
  • Graphics
  • Social Media Management
  • Copy Writing
  • Personal Assistant
  • Video Editing 
  • Web/App Development 
  • And a lot more. Any micro gigs you can ever perform!

You can also use it as an avenue to sell other people’s products. You know, it’s about reselling and everybody can partner with each other. Kind of a win-win situation!

Anyway, there are a whole lot of ways you can go by with the freelancing platforms. Just as creative as you are. Selling your services there can be your awesome source of side hustles as well.

2. Find a Full-Time Remote Working Role With Remote Job Sites

If you want to secure a position before quitting your job or you’re looking for work and currently don’t have a job then remote job sites are an awesome option!

A remote job site that offers remote openings sorted by job categories and industries - find a remote job

I came across some great job sites while looking for a remote email marketing job.

Then, instantly I spotted many job offers geared towards what I could offer. No matter the employment types, like Full-Time, Part-Time, or even Contact Based. That was super cool and what sites I was impressed with were:




For some sites, there is even no signup/login needed. Just hit the boards and take a look at the offers. (Openings) And then, hit the Apply button. Indeed, it’s such an easy procedure.  

3. Sell Other People’s Products – Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t involve selling your time for money then selling a product might be more up your alley.

BUT…If you’re thinking about building your own from scratch, I can tell you from experience, it’s hellish…

I won’t go into detail now but I lost a couple of years of my life and about $50k trying to do it.

Instead, I’d suggest you sell other people’s products first, to learn the ropes.

THEN, if you still want to do it, start developing your own.

The trick is to find products that you love. If you genuinely love them and want to help people by sharing them, you’ll go far!

Affiliate Marketplaces That Are Famous

* Amazon Affiliate Program 

* eBay Partner Network

* CJ Affiliate

* ClickBank (Personally, this is shady. Not that I mean ClickBank itself is shady, but the products sold on ClickBank are so. Many skeptical digital services you would spot there) 

* Rakuten Marketing

* ShareaSale (A huge part of their affiliate offers are physical products. For instance, smartphones, Surfing boards, clothes, computer hardware, and a lot more)

As you might see, some companies will pay you a one-off 100% of the profit for a sale and there are product categories ranging from arts to politics to gaming. Clearly, affiliate marketing is one option to go for, if you are looking to make money online and work remotely.

Whatever you’re into, you’ll find products on there that’ll love to share.

4. Ask Your Boss If You Can Work Remotely

Stop laughing and crying at the thought as it’s becoming increasingly common!

During our one-year stint back in London, we were banking some cash to spend 6 months to a year in Sydney.

6 months before we left, I told my boss and asked if I could work remotely from Syndey.

She wasn’t keen but appreciated the 6-month heads-up.

By the time I was due to leave, we were short on staff and she decided to let me do it.

The result? 6 months of remote work, living on Bondi Beach.

If you like the idea of going for a swim on lunch break then this is worth considering.

I know you’re thinking “lucky you, that would never happen to anyone else”.


A similar thing happened with my fiance when we left Australia. Her boss agreed to sign on as one of our clients and she’s still doing 4 hours per day for them, remotely, 6 months later. So it’s not super uncommon. If you’re interested in doing this then read Tim Ferris’s “The 4 Hour Work Week” for an in-depth strategy on how to maximise your chances of success.

John Jacob

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