5 Reasons Your HR Department Needs An Interview Scheduling Software

The HR department is responsible for a variety of tasks. They include candidate sourcing, putting up phone screens, and discovering applicants through a skilled interviewing process. Hence, for all recruiters, time is of importance. Integrating interview scheduling software will free up more time for your recruitment staff to work on other crucial projects.

When organizing interviews or screening calls, you must find the ideal time window that accommodates all parties. Scheduling interviews takes a lot of time and requires efficient staff and resource management. Thus, the question of “How can the process of setting up meetings, calls, and interviews speed up?” arises.

The best course of action is to invest in interview scheduling software. The HR department will have a lot more time to focus on critical responsibilities like developing strategies to increase the company’s development and success rate. For instance, Picktime is a reliable example of an online interview scheduling software.

Picktime makes interview scheduling quick and easy. This can help you save time and money in addition to helping you choose the best staff. Use this interview scheduling software to spend less time setting up interviews and more time interacting with prospects.

Additionally, there are numerous additional advantages to your HR department using Picktime as a platform for organizing online interviews. Here are a few advantages of utilizing interview scheduling software:

1. A personalized booking page for your hiring process

To monitor your scheduled interviews with the help of a pen or paper is time-consuming. Additionally, keeping track of all the emails and calls for scheduling interviews can result in errors. This raises the need for interview scheduling software where you can monitor all your interviews, staff, and resources in one place.

Picktime provides you with a link that you can customize to create your booking page. This way, Interviews can be simply scheduled by prospects. You receive your admin page and booking website with a great layout and user-friendly interface. This makes it simple for you to keep an eye on all of your scheduled interviews in one location.

2. Enhanced applicant experience

It’s challenging to create a schedule for interviews that works for everyone. You would want to indicate the specific days you are available. If you plan to interview several candidates in one day or across several days.

You can choose the days that you are available to conduct interviews using Picktime’s fully customizable booking page. Make it possible for candidates to schedule an interview with you based on your availability. You may even integrate this appointment booking page into your website to allow potential candidates to book interviews. Additionally, you can make sure that no other candidates can fill a slot that has already been reserved by another.

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3. Automated reminders

There are several examples of candidates failing to show up for interviews or showing up late. An interview reminder can be sent to the interviewer and the candidate using interview scheduling software.

When an interview is scheduled, Picktime enables you to send automated Emails to your clients. Not only that, you as a recruiter can customize how your email appears and when it reaches your candidates’ inboxes. You are not only restricted to sending emails; you can also alert the interviewer and potential candidates via SMS.

Use the Email and SMS reminder features to avoid no-shows and late attendance.

4. Integrated Calendar

Exhausted from always checking to make sure no interviews are double scheduled. Scheduling will never be made easier by flipping through endless pages of paper or Excel spreadsheets.

You can keep track of every interview in one dashboard using Picktime’s calendar. Every time an interview slot is reserved, your calendar is automatically updated. And both the recruiter and the candidate are alerted as soon as a meeting is confirmed, postponed, or canceled.

By dragging and dropping your interviews into your calendar, you can also quickly reschedule them. Additionally, you may sync your personal Google/Outlook calendars to automatically integrate both your personal and business events.

The HR department can take advantage of keeping track of all the interviews and resources in one calendar.

5. Conduct global interviews

You are no longer restricted to hiring people in just your local area thanks to technological advancements. Candidates can be hired anywhere in the world. However, you might be asking yourself, “How can scheduling software help you hire candidates from around the world? “

The integration of videoconferencing solutions like Zoom and Google Meet with Picktime is the solution to it. A link will be immediately generated and emailed to both the interviewer and candidate as soon as the interview is scheduled. Interviewers will therefore be able to virtually meet with candidates wherever they are in the world.

In today’s era of rapid technological advancement, interview scheduling software is essential. It is changing the job of recruiters in today’s environment.

An interview scheduling software will enable the HR department to focus on more crucial activities. Like identifying highly qualified candidates for the company. Additionally, this allows the HR department to spend more time coming up with plans to enhance the workplace.

As a result of using interview scheduling software, stress levels drop, and more time is available for crucial tasks. So, if your HR department isn’t already using an interview scheduling tool, now is the time to start.

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