5 remarkable Web Design ideas to develop a Unique Website

A lot of us, who browse online, are well acquainted with a website. Although many of us are not aware of the technical aspects, we know that whatever we search online ison the websites. All of us understand how the website operates from the user’s perspective; however, it’s a very separate scenario from the perspective of a designer.

There are lots of variations in website design. A business can check out hundreds of themes, for designing their website. It could be a modern and vibrant theme or a smooth and sleek design.

Many prefer a minimalist website with a classic touch. In the final outlook and appearance of the website, describe your Brand and Business. For that, the designer must follow some mandatory ideas for designing a website.

Nobody makes a perfect website on the first trial. But little modifications from time to time will surely turn it into a website that syncs with your business. We are a Web Design Company in New York, Jericho, and we help our clients with the best tips for website design.

Today, let us discuss 5 important tips for designing a website.

1. Make a minimalistic and clutter-free homepage

Visitors see the homepage first when they visit the website. The appearance and functionality of your homepage, decide whether the visitor will browse through the site or not. It is because visitors hardly read everything at first glance. They roughly scan through the page with whatever keywords they have in mind.

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Prioritize these few points while designing a homepage:

  • Insert your brand logo at the top of the page. The logo gives an identity to the business and shows the value of the brand.
  • Include good quality, easily loadable images, icons, and vector graphics on your homepage.
  • Use spaces to separate components. You can make the design a spacious and properly balanced look and feel, by keeping several areas blank. Write in bite-sized, easily readable sections for your content.
  • On your homepage, incorporate feedback from clients as well as critics to boost your trustworthiness in the eyes of customers.

2. Utilize visual hierarchy while creating your website design

Visual hierarchy is the process of deciding which component must stand out uniquely in the website. Therefore, the designer must give greater attentionto these relevant factors. So, one can make an appealing website by figuring out and implementing this arrangement.

The website’s theme is an important visual feature. The appealing color schemes of the tabs,backdrop,and headlines capture the eye.

The dimensions of the headlines, sections, and graphics also create a great impact. A bigger size headlines creates an influence on the viewer. Moreover, it also increases the user engagement of your website.

3. Easily understandable Content

Readers must easily understand the content of your website. Therefore, content must have good readability. Readability accesses that how easily viewers can understand your content. If they get stuck with complicated words and phrases, then most of them will skip to some other website. Hence, your page design must be compatible with the content.

Keep the font size upto 16pt. Most people can read it comfortably. But this number is changeable as per the requirement of the website. Maintain a good contrast between the background color of your website and the color used in the text. Avoid using too many different types of fonts. It is recommended to your maximum of 3 types of fonts on the entire website.

4. Easily navigable website

Users should be able to navigate your website easily. First and foremost, providing a clickable link to anything you sell is a must. You can group them into separate parts underneath one button. The pictures of your items or services must be clickable and must contain links to further data.

These are known as CTA buttons or Call-To-Action. Upon clicking, these buttons perform the necessary defined actions. Moreover, CTAs can also be the link to social media platforms or can even be ads as well.

Another important thing is to connect your logo to your website. Visitors must easily locate the menu of the website. Don’t forget to include a search box on the webpage. This helps the users to easily find what they are searching for, just by using the keywords.

The footer must be properly arranged as well. Give the contact information of your Company, a brief version of the Menu, social media icons, and other important links, for the customers.

5. Create a mobile-friendly website

Since smartphones can be taken everywhere, the majority of web surfers prefer to browse on smartphones. Hence, you can browse any website of your choice, irrespective of time and place. While creating a website, examine how mobile users will engage with it. Several websites aren’t well-suited for browsing on smartphones. They don’t even work effectively on small displays, making them difficult to run on a smartphone.

Examine your website’s mobile version while assuming the role of the user and checking each webpage, user activity, and icon.

So, try minimizing features of the page and scale down certain resources, like the menu. This will make your mobile website cleaner and less cluttered than your desktop version. You can also use one-of-a-kind mobile functionality to improve your smartphone design.


A well-designed website is a must for every business to flourish online. We hope that these tips will guide you well to create a good website. A well-designed website attracts more viewers and helps in expanding your business. Although designing a website is not an easy thing for you. Hence, you must hire the correct professionals to do it properly. A web designer will keep all these tips while designing a perfect website for you.

We are a Web Design Company in New York, Jericho. You can email us your website design requirement and our experts will deliver you the output by the given deadline. Contact us to know more.

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