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7 best gifting options to win her heart!

It is not the month of love, nor women’s day and in many cases, it is neither her birthday month or anniversary. I hear you, but listen to my view now. Love is a feeling that needs to be expressed every now and then, and I do not mean PDA. Let your partner know you still find her the most beautiful person on the planet, and are as happy to be with her as the initial days of your relationship.

Setting tiny surprises or getting small gifts at times, reflects your feelings. In this blog we have mentioned 7 best gifting options for your bae that do not cost a bomb.

Skincare and Haircare

Women are very particular about the products that touch their skin and face. Skincare and haircare products form a good gifting option if you are well-acquainted with the brands and products she uses. Alternatively, rather than wasting money and efforts on the products that she will not use, get her vouchers from her go-to brands.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

Whether she loves travelling or has to due to her work, or she travels occasionally, a neck pillow for travelling is her best buddy for sleeping comfortably whether in a flight, train or on a road trip. It lets you sleep comfortably no matter how congested the seat is, without stressing the back, neck or shoulders. There are many customizations such as neck pillows with hoodie, headphone and speakers available in the market. You can also her initials or your hashtag inscribed on the pillow.


There is no dearth of accessories when it comes to women. There is an eclectic range of accessories from ethinc to formal to casual that includes watches, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and tons of other things. Accessories are one of the most affordable gifting items. Many Instagram stores offer customizable options, so you can add a pinch of romance to it.

A Box of Desserts

Which girl does not love desserts? Even if she is a fitness-freak she is all up for sugar-free desserts. Whether she is chilling at home or hustling in her office or making a blend in her WFH system, an unexpected box of desserts will brighten her day.

Tops and Dresses

Like desserts, no woman will ever say no to a new, cute top or dress or any other clothing item for that matter. If you know her choice of clothing and her measurements, getting her a dress or tops for women online is an easy, time-saving and affordable option. Also, before this retail therapy, you can also do some research on the internet regarding the latest trends and patterns, so picking up the trendiest piece will not be a tough job.

A Matching Nail Paint

This might sound a little confusing, matching nail paint, but matching with what exactly? If she has brought any new dress, top or ethnic wear, get her a matching nail polish. Does this even qualify as a legit git? Yes, it does! In reality, she will be happier as you remember the new outfit that she brought. This reflects that you pay attention to everything she says or does.

Sexy lingerieThis one is a tricky one, and gift her sexy lingerie only if you two have that kind of comfort level with each other. Alternatively, this gift can become the biggest nightmare of your life. also, while buying a hot night dress for women, make sure that you know her measurements exactly. Also, consider the fabric quality before looks of the nightwear as it needs to feel comfortable.

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