A Guide to Choosing Between Jira Software vs Monday Software

Monday com and Jira are two leading project management solutions available in the market. They might look similar at first glance, but they have completely distinct features when it comes to project monitoring and task management. This article compares Jira software vs Monday software and analyzes their similarities, differences, and overall functionality. It provides readers an in-depth look into how each platform operates and what they offer to users. With all this information at their disposal, it will be easier to make a decision.

Jira Software

Jira software is a complete project management suite developed by Atlassian for teams of all scales and sizes. It was designed to track issues or bugs but slowly evolved into a work management solution. It can facilitate organizing and structuring for teams especially those in the software development industry. A few of the highlight-worthy features are listed below:

  • Scrum and Kanban boards with customizable settings to make the view your own
  • Roadmaps to help teams visually map out their goals, milestones, and tasks
  • Bug tracking, reporting, and management
  • Ability to connect issues with code and increase visibility into the software development lifecycle.

Monday com

Monday software is a work operating system with all the features a project team would need to meet the client’s requests. The team can plan everything from planning, and tracking, to building custom workflows through the cloud-based solution. They can also use the building blocks available to create their applications without any coding experience. The main features of the software are as follows:

  • Data and software integration to make the software more functional
  • Workflow automation to save the employee’s time
  • Functionality for the entire organization including HR and Finance departments
  • A task management tool that goes beyond collaboration and includes several powerful features that can be turned into one centralized platform.

Jira Software vs – The Differences

When choosing between two different project management software it is important to analyze the team and its priorities. The company should have a set budget and also know how many people will be using the platform. When they have a list of must-have features and necessary software integration requirements it is easier for them to shortlist the solutions. Once they have finalized all these details it will be easier for them to evaluate the functionality of Jira or

Jira Features

Jira project management is oriented towards Scrum and Kanban boards and gives users a way to visualize their workflows. It is ideal for software development teams and can integrate with popular applications such as GitHub. Users have access to a multitude of integrations through the Jira marketplace which includes options such as Zendesk and Google Suite.

However, a drawback for Jira in the Jira software vs Monday software debate is that each integration incurs an additional fee. The software is also not recommended for teams in non-technical industries. Features

Monday com is a platform that can be used by anyone because of its flexible features and extensive customization options. The team can get acquainted with the system in no time because they are not restricted by pre-defined rules. The software is used by everyone from construction crews to school staff for creating new workflows and building simpler processes.

Adapting to Monday software is easy because it is a low-code application and can simplify many manual processes. It is easier to automate workflows with the help of its features and focus on the most important tasks.

Jira Software vs Monday com – Pricing

Jira has a free version that can host a team of up to 10 people however this plan has a 2 GB storage limit. Luckily, users can scale up to the standard plan which starts at $7 per month for every user. The product is also available in premium and it only costs $14 per month to gain access to advanced features such as unlimited storage, customer support, and project archiving. on the other hand has flexible pricing plans which are designed to fit into any organization’s budget. The software follows a per-seat pricing structure and the basic plan starts at $8 per user every month with access to unlimited boards and over 200 templates. Teams can add viewers for free and even upgrade to the standard, pro, or enterprise plan with ease.

Customer Support

For Jira project management, users have to be paying customers to talk to customer support. With the standard plan, they can call the helpline during business hours but premium plan users are provided 24/7 access. Other users need to raise a support ticket online and wait for the team to get back to them. There is no guarantee of how much time it will take them to resolve the issue. is more serious about customer service and all customers have access to the telephone helpline 24/7. They can get a response within an hour and also access the online webinars or user guides to find answers.


In terms of software integrations, Jira offers more than 200 options to connect third-party systems with the software. Teams also have access to the Atlassian marketplace and can find extensions to bridge any gap existing in their current plan. also offers a library of add-ons and users can execute 250 actions every month with the Standard plan whereas with the pro plan they can perform 25,000 integration actions every month. can seamlessly integrate with existing legacy systems and serve as an all-in-one solution. For any application that is not supported by the integration module, users can build their workflow using the workflow building blocks.


Summing up the Jira software vs Monday software debate it is safe to say that is the superior choice. It offers more powerful features, wider integration options, and caters to businesses of all manners. However, the company needs to invest in a platform that is the perfect choice for them. They should cover all their bases and do their research before they commit.

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