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Alpha Tours Safari Dubai And Details

A friend told me that the only thing I needed to do in Dubai went on a alpha Desert Safari. Our Virgin Holiday Rep booked the tour, and our driver arrived late. He didn’t say a word about what to expect or did not even try to explain.

We drove towards Dubai, stopped in a shop to get a break and a bathroom, and you shouldn’t buy anything without doing your research. We kept going and finally arrived where we were heading.

If Alpha Tours wants to make this an enjoyable and sustainable experience, they need to prioritize collecting and recycling these bottles.

It must have been a great meal, because I’m not sure what kind of food they served,

It was the next day. Then, after we finished our work, I went out into the country to visit

Many people drove cars that were off road and non-alpha tours around the desert.This will ensure that the desert and its surroundings appeal to future visitors. The barbecue was delicious, and the dancer was excellent. Outside, you could also take a camel ride.

The next day we started off early. We went to Petra. This is the city carved out of the rock that was used in the Bible. There are ruins everywhere, and the rock walls are so high up you can’t see all the way down.

While it’s obvious that the drivers are competent at driving, I couldn’t trust his words when he stated that his friend had taught him how off-road drive. It would have been comforting to see a driving certificate (course or formal training).

Virgin Holiday rep’ stated that there was an opportunity for you to dress up in your travels and tours national costume (dish-dash), but it didn’t happen. Although it was an enjoyable experience, it could have been even better.

For a unique dessert safari experience, I recommend adding half an hour to your Dubai trip or if you are planning a trip shortly.

R and I booked the tour through our Atlantis hotel rep. We were able to take the last spot on Friday evening. Alpha Tours operated the tour – we had a fun, bumpy, but enjoyable dune-bashing trip through the desert.

We also stopped for photos and enjoyed a delicious dinner & entertainment. We were able to see the most amazing sunset, which was the highlight of our trip. The whole excursion took about 4-5 hours.

R and I were a bit obsessed with taking photos. Because it was so beautiful, we couldn’t resist taking as many photos as possible. I can’t wait for my hen party in Dubai. With my girlfriend – I will do this tour again!

A desert safari is a great outdoor adventure that many visitors to the UAE choose to take part in. This activity is very popular in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which both have a lot of tour operators and offer a variety of deals and packages. The reliable tour companies offering desert safari in Sharjah are available for Sharjah residents.


This Dubai-based service can pick up guests from Sharjah hotels, making it ideal for temporary visitors to the Emirate. This six-hour, all-inclusive tour includes everything you need to know about a safari.


If you’re going on a safari, you should be prepared to see incredible sights and experiences. Pack the essentials you need to keep you cool in the desert heat before you book your trip. Additionally:

  • Protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • It’s vital to drink plenty of water and to use a good sunscreen.
  • When in the sun, wear a hat with sunglasses.

Other than these, don’t bring unnecessary electronics such as a laptop. You will only need a camera and a selfie stick.

Comfortable footwear such as sandals or flip-flops is a good choice for day safaris since you’ll be moving around and getting onto the sand.

This concludes our review of Sharjah’s services that allow you to book a desert safari. Are you looking for more options?You’ll also need both breathable clothes that can be adjusted for hot and cold.

You can find the best desert safari companies in Dubai by our guide. You might also want to check out the Abu Dhabi desert safari companies while searching.

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