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I will say the same thing when asked if someone should be asked out: “The worst they can say to you is no.” Reach out to influencer to find out if they are willing to give your product a mention! You can reach out to them and ask if they will share a picture of them wearing or using your product on buy facebook likes uk. Tag you.

It’s serious marketing for you. They get a fantastic thing for free, and you can promote their post by sharing them on your channels. This was done in collaboration with Chicago blog Foxtail and Moss for a post titled “How to Make a Gallery Wall”. We sent her prints, and she provided a great tutorial on how to decorate them.

Talk to people!

Imagine if you walked up to someone in real life and said, “Hi!” They just stared at you and then walked off. You probably wouldn’t feel pleased. The same goes for influencer. Engage with anyone who comments on your posts. You can do this by:

  • Be kind and respond to any comments!
  • Tweeting someone nice things about you or rocking your product
  • A funny poll
  • A story on Instagram where people can vote with a “YES/NO” button
  • Give your customers something to talk about (post “What are they watching on Netflix rn?” and “Looking for podcasts – what do recommend?” etc.

It’s also a great way for customer support. Don’t hesitate to reply to customers who tweet questions. Talk to your followers and customers. While you don’t need to respond immediately, it is essential not to wait too long, as influencer attention spans can be very short.

Advertise yourself with

Facebook ads don’t have to only be about selling. The best thing about FB ads is that they can also be used on Instagram. You can also promote on Instagram with FB ads. Advertisements can be set up to increase traffic and followers. You will be asked what the ad should accomplish when creating a Facebook Ad. Traffic and engagement are the best options for gaining followers and encouraging people to visit your Page, Shop, or website followerspro.

The Traffic option is primarily for sending people to other places – your Artist Shop, your website, or your blog. This option is meant to increase visibility, but not necessarily more followers. The Engagement option takes traffic one step further. While visibility is growing and traffic is a good thing, there’s an explicit call to action: follow your Page, and engage in a post (for example, a giveaway). ), etc.

Catchy images

We are shallow creatures. influencer is your visual foot in the door to pique curiosity. People love to follow accounts with great photos. The pilot who posted pictures of hotel carpets gained 500k followers. Post images of work in progress of designs in your Shop or behind-the-scenes photos of your workplace to your profile.

You can experiment with your Facebook cover photo. It would help if you kept your Instagram photos consistent in style and mood. You can use the same filter on each image to give your account a more curated look.

Follow the relevant accounts.

Not only is it a great way to find relevant content to share, but it can also help you gain followers. Consider this: You follow people similar to you because they are relevant to your interests. This is true for your account as well. Consider doing a few shoutout days like Follow Fridays (#FF).

Follow Fridays allows you to send out a tweet that mentions a few Twitter accounts of great people to follow. It’s a nice gesture, but it can also be a great way to get attention from others.


Links to other influencer channels can be included anywhere you want. In the “About” section of your Facebook Page, add links to Twitter. Also, link your Instagram to your Facebook page, so it’s already connected. Take advantage of the Twitter and Instagram features that allow you to link to your website, Shop, or another. Artist Shops makes it easy to include all your social links on the About Page.

Fill out your social media bio.

Although it may seem obvious, filling out your social profiles is crucial. It helps boost your SEO (search engine optimization, aka you’ll be able to search in a browser more often), and it gives people a sense of who you are, what your voice is, and what your values are. People follow people they like. We will befriend those we want, so let them know you’re creative in their bios!

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