Benefits Of Vending Machines In The Workplace

One of the important places in any office is the cafeteria with tea coffee machine(s). This is one place where trainees, junior and senior executives meet and talk over a cup of tea or coffee. Most of the time, the place becomes a healthy discussion place for important topics and even celebrations. It would not be wrong to say that tea/coffee vending machines play an important role in the official setup. So, as an employer, you must pay due attention before installing a vending machine in your office.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a good vending machine in the workplace. 

1. Saves precious time 

Making a cup of coffee or leaving for a drink and returning can take minutes or even hours. However, tea coffee machines with quick dispensing time can get your employee back to work in seconds. Installing a smart vending machine in the office can save employees time.

2. Keeps employees happy

When you fast for an extended time, your blood sugar lowers. This tells your body to release hormones that can make you furious and agitated. Who wants stressed-out, irritable employees? Vending machines will assist keep your employees fed and happy, allowing them to engage positively with their coworkers and clients. It also demonstrates that you care about their well-being, making them feel acknowledged and appreciated.

3. Easy to maintain & manage

Choosing an industry-leading vending machine provider can help save you time and money on maintenance and administration. Their expert technicians and vending attendants can replenish and maintain the vending machines. Such professional providers can easily handle everything to ensure your employees get their favourite snacks and beverages quickly and reliably from clean, fully-functional vending machines.

4. Employees are more likely to stay

Employees who need a break can use hunger or thirst as an excuse. They can source what they need in-house when you have efficient vending machines. Furthermore, they can bond with other staff members as people connect better over drinks and snacks.

5. There are no overhead costs

A vending machine is a low-cost solution to serve food and drink in the office. A good vending machine from a reliable provider will not affect your budget, space or staffing. Top providers of vending machines in India, like Godrej, can offer machines that don’t require much space and are easy to operate, manage and maintain. Most importantly, these are self-service machines, so you don’t require a full-time attendant.  

6. Options for customisation

Vending machines with customisable settings are available to fulfil the needs of your office. For example, you can survey your staff to determine what beverages they prefer. You can gradually reduce foods that aren’t selling and stock more popular products.

7. Hygiene.

Using a tea coffee machine to create a hot drink has fewer touch points than using a kettle. This is crucial if you need more sanitary workplace facilities. In addition, a vending machine has been a reliable source of food and beverages.

8. High-quality beverages

Modern vending machines dispense high-quality tea/coffee. The cutting-edge technology in the vending machine can produce fresh coffee and fresh tea as you’d expect from a coffee shop.

Nobody can overstate the convenience of smart vending machines. They come in handy when everyone is in a rush and wants their tea/coffee/snacks in less time. A good vending machine in the workplace is an excellent method to keep your employees refreshed.

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