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Best Sliding Doors Hardware for Patio

Hardware for sliding doors and windows is a tiny part of your home’s layout, but it’s a vital component of its design. Sliding doors are an elegant and functional way to add space to your home. If you have existing sliding doors or plan to install new ones, it’s important to choose the right hardware.

Sliding doors need a track system to function. The track comprises several components, including the track, the rollers and the guides. The track is the horizontal piece that the door rides on.

How do you find the proper hardware for your patio sliding doors?

The hardware you choose for your patio doors affects the style and feel of your house. Moreover, it also adds to its security and functionality. The sliding glass door hardware you choose should aesthetically fit well with the doors and windows.

You will likely get the highest quality product if you buy them from reliable sources, such as K N Crowder. However, your only choice comes down to functionality and style.

Selecting the most suitable sliding patio door hardware

Hardware and door handles are often the least important with installing new patio doors. Notwithstanding, these elements require much attention when thinking about the design aspect of your home or office.

The hardware you choose for your patio adds beauty, functionality, and security to the door. Your local hardware store can find various styles and finishes to make your patio door unique. For help in making the right choice, follow these suggestions.

Low-maintenance finish

Maintenance requirements should be the utmost priority when installing or replacing exterior doors. Continuous exposure to the elements and regular use takes off the shine of your patio door hardware over time.

Fortunately, many materials, finishes, and stunning styles are available. However, choose the material that can stand the test of time, from the scorching heat of summers to frigid winters.

For your information, chrome, nickel, and brass are the best materials. Besides, hardware with these materials has an exclusive coating that protects the accessories against tarnish and corrosion.

Draw your attention to the security

One of the key reasons for installing patio doors is to protect your property. However, do not compromise on security.

However, ensure that the patio door handles have a robust locking mechanism. Moreover, the door hinges should feature a five-point locking system that significantly enhances the security and durability of your doors.

You can also opt for sliding glass door hardware with reach-out locks that draw the door panel tightly into the door frame.

Go with your existing hardware

In terms of finishes and style, buy hardware that fits other hardware pieces within your room. For instance, avoid brass hardware for your patio door if you have chrome windows.

Remember that wrong hardware finishes will lower the visual harmony of your house. Fortunately, you can find various hardware finishes in your locale.

Innovative designs of sliding glass door hardware

As mentioned, there are a plethora of attractive and secure hardware options to match your new sliding door. Most of these options are available with keyed lever design that creates a highly affordable design.

Moreover, they are incredibly durable and user-friendly. You will also find certain hardware styles precisely designed for fibreglass, wood, and vinyl sliding patio doors. The typical features of this hardware include:

  • Multipoint locking:

This system adds extra security to the sliding patio doors from both sides – top and bottom. Moreover, it enhances the security of your property.

  • Exterior key lock:

An exterior key lock on your vinyl patio doors is locked and unlocked from outside with a key. You can also opt for keyless locks that are often readily available.

  • Integrated foot bolt:

Various sliding patio doors are available with attached foot bolts. When flush with the door frame, it offers additional locking and venting features without sacrificing style.

  • Easy rekeying:

Smart rekeying technology is an easy process your patio door can have. Use the functioning key, and then insert the smart key tool. This feature will give your home added security.

  • Simple handles:

Patio door handles are effortless to operate. A handy thumb turn lock conveniently lets you open and close the door with just one hand.

Installing a new patio or upgrading the existing one is the right way to prepare your patio door to withstand all seasons. Windows and patio doors help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Unfortunately, choosing the right option is not an easy task. However, let professionals help you select the most appropriate hardware design to fit your style and requirements.

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