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Best Website to Create Online Wedding Invitation

So you’ve decided to create an online wedding invitation. Next step? Find the right website for creating, sending, and managing your Online wedding invitations!

There are several different platforms dedicated to online wedding invitations, each with unique features, templates and price points. It pays to take the time to explore all the options. To make sure you’ve chosen the right platform that suits your needs.

Don’t know where to start? Keep reading as we explore the top 5 websites for creating your online wedding invitations. Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t think of paper for your big day.

Wish N Wed: 

Wish N Wed offers a wide range of digital wedding invitations such as video invitations, GIF invitations, save the date invitations, wedding websites, pdf invitations for all your wedding activities. Customize your online wedding invitation tool or choose the one that will be perfectly designed for your needs. Wish N Wed, truly believes that your email invitation should be as unique. As yours, we design custom invitations for all occasions.

Wedding invitations are tailored with concepts to suit your wedding style. From a 2 state theme to a love-themed video, modern to traditional, floral illustrations, to wedding and bridesmaid illustrations, customize your wedding video to save the date. Engagement video invitations, Mehendi & Sangeet digital invitation, electronic bachelor or farewell party invitation, video with the Indian wedding invitation.


Wedsites make it easy to create and send wedding invitations online. Quickly track RSVPs, manage guest details, and create wedding websites in one place.

With a number of great templates available, you can choose a set of digital stationery that fits your wedding website. Upload your own e-card if you mean something more personal! When it comes to organizing your guest list, you can group your visitors. View your RSVP responses at a glance, and even set up last-minute automatic reminders.

Paperless Post:

Paperless Post is a platform dedicated to creating online invitations, postcards and flyers for various special occasions. From weddings to birthday parties, children’s parties and more. You can choose from thousands of ready-made invitation templates. Matching digital envelopes with a great combination of designs and price points to suit your budget. The platform also includes a number of “design collections” including collaborations from brands such as Anthropology, Kate Spade and Vera Wang.

The downside is that there is no way to create a suitable wedding website. Some users may also find the pricing structure a bit confusing, as premium designs we need to purchase with digital “coin” packages. 


Like Paperless Post, Evite specializes in online invitations and e-cards for every occasion such as wedding invites, save the date and wedding invitations. The platform is easy to use, inexpensive and comes with digital envelopes and stamps for personal access. You can customize your Evite with photos or create your own template from left to right on the platform.

While there is a wide range of free and premium options to suit your budget, some users may find the variety of invitation designs more limited than other websites.


Platforms like Canva make it easy to design online invitations with many modern templates that you can customize with a variety of fonts, color palettes, and illustrations. Once the invitation design is complete, you can download the file and send it to your guest list via email or text message.

While this option can appeal to creative types who want complete freedom in designing their invitations, the main effort is the extra time spent. If there is no way to follow the RSVP or manage details such as food preferences and food choices, you will need to create your own system to organize these details.

Alternatively, you can always design your own Canva invitation and upload it to a platform such as WedSites to get the added benefits of a wedding website, RSVP monitoring and guest list management, all anywhere.

Reasons to Send Online Wedding Invitation

Today, more and more people are opting for digital invites rather than traditional cards type. But why have online invitations become so popular?

I might be prejudiced, but I think going digital with your invitations is a no-brainer. From saving the planet to cutting down on costs, here are a handful of reasons to consider online invitations for your special day:


Traditional invitations often contain many different paper elements, from the invitation itself to the RSVP card, envelope and fact sheets. If you are trying to minimize the impact of your day on the environment, choosing digital invitations is a quick way to go green.

Affordable online wedding invitation

Statistics show that the average couple spends 10000+rupees on paper invitations. While traditional invitations are absolutely beautiful, they can also get a large portion of your wedding budget – especially if you are trying to cut costs. Opting for online invitations will cost you a fraction of that price and you can invest money elsewhere.

Link to your wedding website

Instead of inserting more details into a clumsy information card, link your digital invitations to your own wedding website. Here you can record all the important wedding information, such as location instructions, links to staff registration and dressing rules, along with addressing difficult topics such as pluses and children. For a cohesive look, choose a set of stationery that fits your wedding website.

Group updates and Reminders

Change in plans? No problem. With an online guestlist database, you can easily send group updates and reminders without having to contact your loved ones individually via WhatsApp and Facebook. Our couple found this useful, especially when planning a wedding during COVID-19.

Now it’s time to choose and customize one of our amazing online invitation templates. Match your save the date cards invitations and video invitations to have a consistent guest experience. You can customize your digital invitations with the words, fonts, and design elements you want.

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