Biometric Attendance Machine – Key To Passwordless Authentication

Operating with passwords can hurt your business more than you think. Apart from insecurity, they are costly and challenging to manage, especially with many employees. In addition, users have to memorize to remember them. Otherwise, they must constantly reset their passwords, an inconvenient process, thus hurting their user experience. 

A biometric attendance machine is your best bet to avoid these problems and enhance the user experience. Most importantly, it reduces the wrangles between HR and other employees by making sign-in and sign-out seamless. Here are more details on this passwordless tool and how it benefits your business.

Reduces Time Theft

Biometric attendance machines are artificial intelligence-powered time attendance systems ensuring easy and accurate recognition. Facial recognition cannot be forged or duplicated. Therefore, each individual must be present for the machine to capture their details.

Employees signing in late or signing out early can be caught using these systems. Additionally, the systems reduce buddy punching and time theft, where employees sign in or out for each other. Some are notorious latecomers and take advantage of their peers who get to work early to sign them in. Passwords make it easy for such individuals since you can easily share them, and a single person can sign in for several individuals.

Buddy punching is also prevalent in schools, where some students leave early or ask their peers to sign them out.

However, each person must be present with facial recognition to sign in or out.

Stolen time could lead to numerous losses for your business since it translates to employee productivity. Also, it ensures accountability and promotes positive business culture by reducing the number of employees who adhere to the policy.

Touchless Identification

Biometric machines are touchless, thus alleviating health safety concerns among users. Facial recognition kills the need for physical touch since they have high-quality cameras for easier data capture and recognition.

Passwords require physical contact to key in details; hence only ideal for some users. It encourages the spread of infections such as the flu or the common cold.

With a biometric machine, you can quickly solve this problem and enhance employee confidence.

They Are High Speed and Accurate

Facial recognition takes about one second and 99.9% accuracy to sign in or sign out. Their high speed makes the processes faster, making it convenient for multi-users with restricted timelines. For instance, they reduce delays during sign-in in the morning since employees arrive simultaneously. 

Although the attendance machine price is high, it’s better than passwords. Passwords can be cumbersome because they require memory and keying in, providing room for errors. Therefore, a single person may need more than one attempt to sign in or out.

Enhance Security

The AI-based computer vision for face recognition is your best option when it comes to security. To start with, it has a patented algorithm that differentiates between a real person and a photo. It becomes easy to weed out those who may want to breach security using false identification.

Additionally, it has end-to-end encryption making it impossible for data thieves to steal or access information, enhancing visitor experience while keeping away intruders.

Unlike passwords that can be hacked or stolen, it’s not easy to compromise these systems. 

Seamless Integration

Managing employee data can be complex without proper tools. Biometric machines allow seamless integration of this data in different departments. They have cloud-based storage for easy data accessibility, making it easy to keep track of your employees during processes such as payroll management.

Biometric machines are changing business operations by enhancing security, reducing time theft, encouraging touchless identification and allowing faster and easy recognition, translating into better ROI hence growth for your business.

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