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Bird One Electric Scooter Review

Bird One Electric Scooter Review

One of the well-known scooter companies, rion re90 and Bird, is mostly used for ride-hailing. The Birds One is Birdsxample of an electric scooter from the brand that you may purchase for personal use. Although you have already read our star rating conclusion and list of cons to get here you already know that we don’t think you should purchase the scooter.

We won’t go over all of the reasons why here because it would difficult to cover them in a two-minute assessment instead read the larger article for our entire analysis.

A nice electric scooter can purchased for half the price of the Bird One, and it doesn’t offer enough to warrant its high price. This is the first drawback. Second, you must use the Bird app to unlock the Bird One, switch on the bulbs, and perform other similar tasks. At best cantankerous, this app regularly unplugged from the scooter or provided inaccurate battery information.

As with most electric scooters, you have had to set up the Bird One yourself, but we found it to considerably more difficult than on any other vehicles we tested. Due to the inability of even our most experienced scooter testers to set it up correctly, we were left with a wobbling handlebar, which we believe also be the experience of the majority of other users.

These features don’t significantly enhance the experience, though. When testing the Bird One, we felt incredibly uncomfortable. Even when an electric scooter should do anything, it should “safe to ride.” It is therefore challenging to suggest the item.

Bird One Scooter And Availability

This is simply a retail version of the same scooter, the Bird One electric scooter, which can also rented using Bird’s scooter rental app in numerous locations. Although the Bird One electric scooter is fairly expensive compared to other scooters there are other vehicle are available that are more expensive.

You would anticipate a lot of features and tools at a price that high at the risk of giving away the rest of this review. we are not sure the Bird One delivers that.


Because of its unremarkable design, the Bird One would a pigeon if it were a bird. It is 118 x 46 cm and handlebars that increase the height to 118 cm. It weighs 17.5 kg, which a little ma more than normal but not much. The maximum rider weight 100kg; keep in mind that this includes both your personal weight and the weight of any backpack you may wear.

Although the rubber handlebars aren’t the most comfortable in the world, we’ve used them worse. The handlebar is slightly tapered to make them simpler to hold. They also seem to more resilient than most.

On a typical scooter the huge plastic box in the middle of the handlebars at the top of the stem has a display to inform people actual about peed, remaining battery life, and the riding mode you were in. However, the Bird One only has two LEDs that indicate whether the scooter is charging or not. As a result, it is impossible to tell your speed or remaining battery life while you are riding.

The front and back wheels, which are each 22.8 cm (9 inches) across, feel really sturdy. The entire scooter an IP34 rating, which means that its internal components are shielded from splashes of water and solid objects larger than 2.5 mm. Bird advises against riding it in torrential downpours, but claims that puddles and brief downpours are acceptable.


We have a fifth-floor apartment, so it was a pain to carry the beast in its unfolded shape up those stairs. Given that the scooter is a created tamper alarm that activates when it is locked, it appears that the Bird One is intended to place on the sidewalk outside of your home rather. We were not joking when we touched it, and it started wailing when we hung the helmet on the handlebar before a trip. The alarm goes off at the slightest provocation. However, they could pick it up and walk away with it.


The One electric scooter, according to Bird, a range of around 25 miles (or 40 kilometers). This is a respectable range for a vehicle of this type, and to the scooter’s credit, during our testing, it felt fairly precise. We traveled five miles, using up 75 percent of the charge. What’s even more surprising is that manufacturers of electric scooters typically state the maximum distance that can travel in the slower.

In this way, even though the statistics are accurate in theory, they frequently do not accurately capture what it’s like to ride a scooter. The distance feels doubly accurate because the Bird One doesn’t have distinct modes; we measured our distance while moving at the scooter’s top speed. The Pea One electric scooter requires six hours to charge from full to empty.


We’re now getting to the big issue. When riding the Bird One, we probably looked a lot like that as we swerved and crashed about the area while attempting to avoid causing any harm. The bird one scooter review uneasy. The handlebars sway and jolt when you’re riding because of the structural problem we previously noted.

However, it’s preferable to the ongoing worry about plunging into oncoming traffic. Because of this manufacturing flaw, we are unable to recommend the scooter. The only exception we’ll make if you can purchase one already built, either from Bird directly or a local vendor. If individuals use their rental scooters from Bird instead of their own, they won’t have to deal with this assembly problem. How can the Bird One ride, build, and handlebar issues aside? It’s alright, but not really noteworthy.

We discovered that the brake wasn’t responsive enough; use light pressure and you lose much speed; apply heavy pressure and you’ll stop too soon.

Trying to a gentle halt became a far-off dream. if you accelerate too slowly after starting at a stoplight, you may obstruct other drivers and bikers. The Birds One was ideal.


The Bird One scooter utilises the Bird scooter rental app, and we had several problems using it. First off, it’s difficult to attach the scooter at first. There no special way to register a personal vehicle you simply scan your own scooter as though it were a rental one. The option to do so carefully disguised, and we spent a lot of time Googling and looking before we worked out the solution. This might much more explicit. Given that you need the Bird app to power on the scooter, disable the tamper alert, view your scooter’s battery, and toggle the lights, connectivity difficulties with the app are a major concern. When it linked to the scooter, we regularly noticed that the app seemed to believe it was.

It shouldn’t essential to use the device, and it shouldn’t be this buggy either. A decent electric scooter app should be a method of getting more usage out of your own car. In public, when others could suspect you’ve stolen the car, this might fairly alarming.

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