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Are you able to promote your blog via Instagram? Big question!

Sharing links to content on your blog on Twitter and Facebook is an easy way to share your blog’s posts through social media. This is always effective. Do You advertise your blog via Buy Instagram Followers UK? Big question!
However, with Instagram, it’s a bit different.

Because you can’t just share links to posts within Instagram updates, you must be more sophisticated. Instagram posts, you will require advanced strategies to reach your goals.

You must ensure that you are doing everything correctly to achieve an effect from your Instagram efforts. Please make sure you’re capable of measuring it, as well.

Why should you be using Instagram?

If it’s that difficult to post your blog’s content through Instagram and get visitors from it, then why take the risk? It’s because Instagram is rapidly growing and a highly active network. socialfollowerspro

The active monthly Instagram users of Instagram have increased over the last several years, and there’s still endless growth. The audience that could be reached with Instagram efforts is enormous.

Out of the massive amount of Instagram users, it also has a highly engaged one. Compared to other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, postings on Instagram receive much higher engagement.

Connecting with people, engaging in conversations, and developing an audience are easy.

Since success in blogging is mainly about connecting with people and forming a network around your area of expertise, Instagram is worth the time.

Make sure you choose your name carefully

I’ve stated that before about Twitter, and it’s still true for Instagram marketing via social media: success begins with the fundamentals.

When choosing a name for your Instagram account requires some thought. One thing to consider is whether you use your username or that of your website as your Instagram name.

What is the personal nature of your blog? is it the sole person operating it? Does everyone know you run the sole owner of your blog?

Are you using Instagram to promote your blog? Or might you change your career in the future?
Do you wish to sell your blog or yourself?

In certain situations, it is sensible to pick the name of your blog.

However, in many cases, you’d instead stick with your name.

Sometimes, you might be thinking about having at least two Instagram accounts.

Your profile

Because you aren’t able to post links to your blog posts on Instagram updates, if you want to share links from posts in Instagram updates,

you’ll need some more sophisticated strategies to accomplish your goals. Here are ten steps to advertise your blog’s content via Instagram.

Profile Picture:

Every Instagram account has a profile picture or avatar. In the majority of business accounts, this is called the logo. Personal accounts can select an image.

I suggest you use a picture of yourself to ensure that others can identify you and can identify your identity.

The best size for a profile picture should be 110 pixels, 110 px.

In the case of a square logo, you might need to utilize a tool such as Canva to create a giant square logo by putting the square symbol inside a circle that is larger than the square. Check out the image below!

Your Bio,

The Instagram Bio, is crucial if you want to leverage it for your blogging success.

Your bio must be informative and, at the very least, display some personality. Include an appeal for action.

You may also consider using at least one hashtag in your bio.

Make sure you note that hashtags used in your Instagram bios won’t make your profile searchable by using this hashtag.

But, hashtags in your bios can highlight what you’re about on Instagram

because the hashtags are as blue dots. They are also clickable, so users can go directly to the feed for that hashtag.


This link in the bio section on Instagram is the only location in which you can insert an option to click. This is why this link is so crucial.

You can, for instance, utilize this link to drive readers to your most recent blog post.

You can change the link once you publish a new blog post.

Other bloggers, like Jeff Bullas, use the link to give away an offer of a Freebie to convert Instagram followers to email subscribers.

Many bloggers do this: they share images on their blog posts.

The capture introduces the content and ends by requesting readers to click the link that appears in the bio.

Clicks to this link will appear within the Google analytics as a result of referrals via Instagram;

however, you cannot determine the specific Instagram update that caused the click.

There’s no way to measure a number that can distinguish the different Instagram updates as the cause of traffic when all traffic is coming from one link.

Your Images

Your photos on Instagram must be unique. They must be distinctive from the rest of the crowd. Don’t use just any (stock) image you might have included in your blog article. Be sure to create photos for Instagram that engage your followers and encourage users to click.

Instagram gives you the tools to crop images, add filters, and more.

It is also recommended to use tools such as Canva to design images on Instagram with text overlays and pictures.

For blog posts, there are various options for creating posts related to the content of the blog post. Here are a few examples:

Create quote images. It is possible to use quotes from famous persons relevant to your blog post, or you could quote your blog article. Make an image using the selection. Make sure it is readable on mobile devices.
Create facts or statistics. They could be numbers used in your blog post or a declaration.
Depending on the subject of your blog, you may use images of items as well as people or locations.
Make your images!

It is also permitted to make short videos for Instagram posts. You can also use short videos in Instagram posts In many cases, these videos are used to gain more followers.

Your pictures should also convey a story about your brand.

It is essential to remain consistent in what you post: If your blog is about fashion, your photos should feature many fashion clothing, clothes, stores, and other things.
To help promote your blog, you must use brand-name images as you do within your blog posts.

Don’t use photos from the blog you created to use on Pinterest or Facebook.

The majority of the time, they are not correctly formatted. Make sure you use the correct dimensions for the images you wish to share on Instagram.

Use the caption of the post

Please don’t allow the image to speak for itself.

Use the caption of the image.

The caption on the image you post usually draws people to know more about the topic – or not.

The photo they’ve read and the caption could create curiosity and make a promise your readers want to know about your blog post.

You will improve through the experience.

You will discover the things your audience loves, what they like to hear and what doesn’t appeal to them.

Post more frequently

The amount of visibility and engagement of your Instagram post decreases over time.

I’ve already provided you with some suggestions on the kind of content you could publish – now it’s time to take action and keep posting more frequently.

One of the most effective ways to increase your Instagram followers is to update often. It means you must post an image or post every couple of hours.

As you don’t need to concentrate on Instagram all-day, It is advisable to schedule specific posts.

If you’ve got a few photos for the day, take a break for 10 minutes and write posts for each one, such as using Buffer.

Buffer will make sure that your posts are posted according to your timeframe.

If you choose to schedule, remember that an application can publish your updates automatically at a specific date.

Still, it will not respond to comments or interact directly with the followers.

Be sure to check your Instagram for the second time after a few hours, and keep increasing the number of people who engage with your posts by responding to every comment.

There’s a way to ensure that your posts are active for extended periods and increase engagemen

t. Create more discussions and gain more followers. Instagram stories can be used Instagram stories to attract more interest. A portion of the attention is passed to feed posts.

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