Do iPad Screens Crack Easily?

Very few situations beat the feeling of dread that washes over you when your iPad slips and falls. Or the split seconds that follow until you quickly inspect the screen for damage. It is well-known that Apple uses Gorilla Glass for its iPads and iPhones for its hardy properties. Gorilla Glass is more rigid than carbon steel but lighter than aluminum. In fact, a 1mm sheet of Gorilla Glass can take up to 1.48 pounds of force without breaking. It is also highly scratch resistant. However, glass is brittle by nature. It will break if shocked with a sharp knock or drop. Even iPad screens are not immune to this. A crack can quickly occur if your iPad 10.2 lands on its screen or takes a hit on a corner.

Top Causes of Cracked iPad Screens

1.       Children

A study found that 50 percent of parents reported damage to their iPad caused by their children over five years. The cost of this damage amounted to almost $3 billion. It’s easy for kids to get distracted, and the iPad slips to the floor. Not every fall will crack the screen. However, the glass might shatter if the device hits the ground at a certain angle. 

2.       Pets

Dogs love to chew everything, including iPads. However, they aren’t the sole culprits. Even cats like to gnaw at random items within their reach, such as your iPad 10.2. After a while, the localized pressure from their teeth can cause the glass to crack. Or even shatter.

3.       Cars

Believe it or not, many iPads get smashed by cars, especially when kids are around. Getting ready to leave the house can be stressful. It’s easy to pop the iPad on the roof while buckling in the kids. And it is even easier to forget it and drive off with the iPad still on the car roof. The next thing you know, it falls, smashes, or gets run over.

4.       Carelessness

A little extra thought goes a long way. So, instead of throwing your iPad on the couch, make sure you put it on a table or flat surface. If you have a young kid who loves to jump on the furniture, they can easily land on the iPad. Or you might even sit on it.

5.       Toilet Drops

The iPad is a popular companion for many when they visit the restroom. In fact, repair shops see quite a few damaged screens after the device falls in the toilet. The screen can crack when it hits the edge or toilet bowl.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Repairing an iPad screen does not come cheap. Depending on the model, it can cost anywhere between $200 and $600 for a screen fix or replacement at Apple. You can also take it to a repair shop, which might fix it for less, but doing so will void the Apple warranty. You can opt to get AppleCare when you buy your device or within two months of purchase. It costs $99 for two years and covers two repairs caused by accidental damage against a $49 service fee.

Remember that most iPads will continue working with a cracked or shattered screen. However, it will make it difficult to read or see what you are doing and the cracks will grow longer over time. 

1.       Get An IPad Cover

A good iPad case is one of the most significant factors preventing screen damage. The Zugu 10.2 iPad case is one of the best on the market. It offers your device major drop protection as it is made from rugged TPU and polycarbonate. These materials merge in the Zugu case, which also has reinforced corners, offering maximum protection. However, Zugu goes above and beyond to give its customers additional peace of mind. If an iPad gets damaged in one of its cases, it will cover the AppleCare repair costs.

The Zugu 10.2 iPad case is also sleek and lightweight. You can adjust the back stand to eight angles or mount it magnetically onto a metal surface.

2.       Keep It Safe

Sometimes you’ll follow a recipe online and accidentally push the iPad off the counter. Before you start cooking, clear a space for the iPad. Make sure no liquids spill on it and the iPad is out of range from large objects. Don’t leave it too close to the edge of a surface, especially if you have kids. They might not think before reaching out to grab it so they can also watch. Also, keep it away from extreme temperatures. High levels of heat and cold do not mix well with the iPad and can even damage its interior.

3.       Watch The Kids

An iPad is so convenient to keep kids company, especially if you need to whip up dinner or do some chores. However, young kids will not think twice about throwing the iPad aside if something else catches their attention. Or it might slip out of their grasp while engrossed in their game or cartoon. Make sure they are comfortably seated and keep an eye out just in case. A quick tip: designate an area where they can use the iPad, such as the couch, so you’ll always know where it is.

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