Facts About Applying for Canada / Australia PR Visa 

There are many countries around the globe those welcome immigrants. But Canada and Australia are the preferred nations for the people who wish to migrate. Both countries are having merit-based point system PR visas. Picking one of them for immigration purposes is a tough comparison. However, we have got you cover with the main points that can help you make this selection in an inform manner. So, before you check eligibility for Canada PR and apply, you must also see the pros of applying for Australia PR. Your age, education, linguistic ability, work experience, and skills are mandatory in both scenarios. It is suggest to make sure your points should be on the higher side of the minimum qualified points to migrate to Canada or Australia. Let’s not wait further and discuss the important facts about PR for Canada and Australia. 

Reasons to check eligibility for Canada PR and apply

Canada’s immigration process is consider the fastest because of the pathway programs available. The whole idea to immigrate to Canada quickly is by finding an appropriate pathway and you can be living in the country after six to ten months of applying. The pathway may depend upon your skillset, occupation, and work experience. An IT professional will choose the Federal Skilled Worker pathway and similarly, other professions will fall under one of the available pathways. These quicker ways are not available in the Australian PR process, which persuades people to check their eligibility for Canada PR. Options to immigrate to Canada are more than eighty. Yes, whether it is study, job, or permanent residence, Canada has got interest immigrants covered with various programs. Moreover, Canada plans to welcome a significant number of immigrants from different nations to fulfill its job market requirements. This country relies a lot on the immigration system as the majority of people living in Canada are immigrants. There is absolutely no discrimination in point system eligibility and people live in harmony within country after receiving Canada PR.

What is the Australia PR Visa?

The Australia Permanent Resident Visa is designed exclusively for individuals who are not Australian citizens. The process is not only organized and highly systemic but also adequately advanced for evaluation of the applications based on the individual credentials of the applicants.

Why apply for Australia PR?

In the land of Kangaroos, diversity is embraced, and education and healthcare are prioritize. Australia’s moderate climate always persuades immigrants to live, work there and such weather is very less often present in Canada. Work opportunities are numerous in Australia, especially after the border opening after the pandemic. You never find any language barrier in the country as most of the people speak English. There are different visa subclasses to apply for Australia PR, like 189, 190, and 491. PTE is accept as the English language proficiency test in most scenarios. Which is ideal for people who find it difficult to give IELTS or any paper-based test. Various medical facilities are provided to Australian permanent residents, which is a great plus to opting for Australia PR. Another advantage of selecting Australia is its higher wage rates as compared to Canada. To get a better idea about the process to apply for Australia PR, connect with a reliable study abroad consultant. 

This list is never-ending and so is comparison between Australia, Canada PR. We have listed brief details about both countries. Rest depends on your profile and preference. Analyze, plan, and apply. Good luck. 

How to Check your Eligibility for Canada PR Status?

The eligibility for Canada PR status is calculate on the basis of the Point measurement of every candidate. These points are calculate base on the personal information of the Candidate in which the parameters of evaluation as follow. Age, Language proficiency, Education, Work Experience, and adaptability.There are points that are allotted to the candidate and base on these points under the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) a score is set for each candidate. These scores are different for every individual depending on their capabilities and credentials. The minimum eligibility of candidate is calculated base on points determine by IRCC and announce under the Express Entry Draws. It should be note that only those candidates who score minimum points as per Express Entry Draws. It will become eligible to apply for the PR status.

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