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Five easy tips to welcome guests 

So it’s not surprising when your parents make an unannounced visit and you’re thrown into a spin of mild hyperventilation. This is the kind of feeling that cause Peter (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) Wagner into a world of chaos in the summer’s hilarious movie The Instant Family.

In the movie, the pair is a couple of hardworking house flippers who choose to take in not three children, but just one in a spur of the moment, just long after they purchase the five-bedroom fixer upper. The dream house they have built becomes an analogy for creating their ideal family, complete with three new family members with them.

In the film, becoming instant family members of 5 members brings an array of family extended members who begin appearing unexpectedly, notably due to Pete and Ellie’s loving moms and both eager to snuggle with their grandkids.

Professional de clutterer and founder The Organising Platform, Chelsea Smith claims that we may not all be experts in hosting guests unexpectedly (or parenthood!) However, with a few basic techniques, you can make your surprise guests feel welcomed quickly. And do not forget to activate foxsports com to enjoy some latest sports with your guests

1. Make sure that the areas where you entertain are clean

The amount of anxiety caused by an unexpected visitor is proportional to the Richter magnitude of the mess that is your home, especially with kids like the Instant Family‘s Ellie and Pete quickly discover. We all want to have our homes tidy all the time, it’s likely not an possibility.

In the meantime, you should consider taking a good clean of your living spaces and rooms where guests will likely be in (ahem the bathroom that is shared). Concentrate on keeping these spaces neat and tidy. If you’re not able to, make sure you have a cabinet in which you can store the clutter.

Make a major decluttering prior to guests arriving It’s then simpler to clean up before guests arrive. Picture: Hero Images

Since the chances of a drop-in guest skyrocket during the silly season, Chelsea says it’s best to ruthlessly declutter before the festive time begins.

“When you have less, your home will be easier to clean, tidy and maintain,” she adds.

2. And the pantry fully-stocked

The new parents Ellie and Pete experience a shock when they discover the amount their children (one of them is a teenager!) actually consume. Food for the mouths of more people forces them to alter their shopping habits. If you’re looking to prevent guests from taking food out of your home and at home, it would be smart to follow the same path.

“I suggest that you always have refreshing drinks in your fridge to serve your guests on their arrival Think wine, beer and sparkling water. Also, keep a supply of food items that will last for a long time within your pantry. This could include salsa dip and corn chips or a jar of nuts” Chelsea says. Chelsea.

“Consider stocking your freezer with bite-size finger food that can be easily defrosted and reheated should you need to entertain at the last minute.”

Drinks and snacks available is an absolute lifesaver in the event of unexpected guests. You’ll immediately feel welcome and will not feel like an unnecessary burden. Your weight may not appreciate it, but your guests sure will.

Make sure you have a full fridge and freezer, and guests will be fed. Picture: Claudia Totir

Checkout my amazing summer dessert recipe for coping up with these hot sunny days.

3. Unearth those unwanted gifts

Did you notice the frog-dancing ornament you received from your parents when you moved into the house? It’s your chance to make it shine.

Store all the disgusting household items and other disgusting presents you’ve received in a clearly labeled (and very well-hidden!) container so that you can locate them quickly.

Make sure you have enough time to arrange them in the home to ensure they don’t get lost in the house.

4. Keep a supply of gifts that are universal

In terms of gifts, a surprise visit might not be an unexpected surprise as the visitor.

Chelsea believes it’s important to be ready for any occasion by having a bag of “universal” gifts” Think nice wines candles, chocolates, and even candleswhich can be gifted to anyone for any occasion. If you’ve received gifts that don’t suit your tastes think about giving them to someone else to someone else… Make sure you know the person who gave it to you at all!

You can win younger guests by having plenty of toys in the house to play with. Even if the toys are old that feel brand new and exciting for your youngest guests.

In the movie In the film Instant Family, Ellie and Pete are amazed to discover their children playing with plain old cardboard boxes in place of toys they received in the boxes. Be aware of this before tossing out that box that the new television came in. It could be the key to keep your children entertained for many hours!

5. Be ready in case you need to sleep for an extended period of time.

The majority of guests who drop in will not require a bed, but it is still advisable for you to “always have fresh bedding stored inside your linen press, a spare toothbrush and other toiletries,” says Chelsea.

Make sure the guest room is prepared for unexpected guests. Picture: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

It can’t hurt to stock up on a selection of breakfast items, too.

“Eggs and bacon rolls always go down a hit with guests or yogurt and a granola mix,” she adds.

“Avoid making your home perfect. It can make guests feel uneasy as they’ll be reluctant to ruin everything. This can be slightly stressful if they take their children along with them.” Chelsea says. Chelsea.

Parents who are first-time Ellie and Pete have the best luck in their family’s overnight stay once they ease off and let the burden off them. Rememberthat hosting guests as well as families (even unexpectedly) can be a chance to share your home and heart. A memorable stay is one in which guests feel welcomed by your home and family.

“You want your home to be clean and tidy yes, however you want them to relax and feel at home under your roof.”

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