Five things to consider when taking a cheap flight with Frontier Airlines

Five things to consider when taking a flight with Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines isn’t my first option when it comes to airlines. I didn’t intend to avoid Frontier however, I didn’t have any interest to fly with them. However, when a close friend’s parents invited me to take a trip to Florida with Frontier (and to pay for my flights) I was intrigued to see what I could experience with the extremely cheap carrier. Earlier this year, I took a Frontier round trip from San Francisco (SFO) and Orlando (MCO) non-stop and it was not as bad as many think. As in actual fact I’d certainly travel with Frontier next time if I knew the following five facts:

1. It is not necessary to pay extra for seats. is not necessary.

When you book an Frontier plane, the airline greatly invites passengers to select seats and pay an additional cost. If you decide to select seats at your initial reservation, cost is $5 per standard seating and the price is $16 in the case of “stretch” seats (economy class seats at to the rear of the aircraft, with extra legroom.) Nerd wallet offers a thorough overview of Frontier charges here.

Frontier Airlines

If you’re content to sit anywhere there’s no need to pay anything at all. If passengers don’t pay for seats before the time they check-in, Frontier automatically assigns them seats at no cost. They will even attempt to keep the group as close as they can.

Waiting for Frontier to give seats for free could mean you get an even better seat than passengers who paid. Huh? It appears that the majority of passengers don’t want to spend more for “stretch” legroom. This means that the flight could end with a number of “stretch” seats available at the time of check-in.

Like many airlines, the seats in forward of the aircraft are more than seats in the back, which means we got a reasonable price.

When we returned we decided to sign in via the internet around 20 hours prior to our departure. We were able to get regular seats near the rear of the plane. However, we were able to be together, without having to pay the fee for seats.

2. The cost of carry-on can be reduced

Frontier is among only a handful of airlines who charge fees for carry-on bags. If you’re traveling light you’ll probably be able to get around Frontier’s high carry-on baggage charge by taking an item that is a “personal object” instead.

If you decide to bring an entire carry-on (10″x16″x24″) The cost of the bag varies depending on the flight route you’re taking as well as the date of your travel, as well as the date you purchase an allowance for baggage.

I thought that these costs were quite costly and decided instantly that I could not be able to. Instead I decided to carry my largest bag that could qualify as a personal item that I could use. The measurements for a personal item for a personal item on Frontier is 8″x18″x14″. Together, this is 10 inches shorter than the maximum dimensions for bags for carry-ons.

I pulled out my previous corduroy Jansport backpack that I typically carry around, packed it with my own stuffing and then measured. It was just half an inch shy of the measurements that are required for personal items. Visit to know more on

3. Bring your own food items

The only food or drink product that Frontier offers at no cost. There aren’t complimentary drinks or snacks. Only water. I didn’t realize this beforehand However, I knew there wouldn’t be hot meal, so I packed many snacks.

If you plan to buy snacks while on the plane Be prepared to payfor: Frontier provides a wide selection of snacks of snacks, including Chex Mix, Almond M&M’s as well as Pringles at $2.99 each. Also, they offer Soft drinks, Juices and mixers at the same cost. Beverages, wine and spirits are also available at $7.99.

One of the more indulgent bundles that provided huge savings included”double Happy Hour,” an indulgence bundle with huge discounts “double happy hour” that included 4 alcohol-based drinks and two soft drinks or mixers as well as 2 snacks at $29.99. The perfect for two the bundle saved $13.93.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was also bundles for kids. They seemed to be the most affordable. For example, the Kid Fun Pack was $3.99 and included a snack sticks, Goldfish, Oreo Cookies, M&Ms and a trading card.

4. You’re sure to have fun.

Bring plenty of fun during lengthy Frontier flights as well as be ready for any difficulties that may arise when you’re trying to get time with a nap.

On our way to orlando we took an early flight, however, it wasn’t the most comfortable plane for this.
The seats were not reclined and there was no space for me to sit forward, which meant I was slouching awkwardly in my seat.
I did manage to fall asleep for the duration of the flight but didn’t feel rested the moment I awoke.

5. You pay what you pay for

Frontier could be an ultra-low-cost carrier However, it’s an excellent airline choice for me. I had a few preparations prior to departure and received exactly what I was expecting from my flight. Now you can book cheap Frontier Airlines flights online through Support Airlines.

One aspect that stood out most concerning Frontier was the fact that every person I met provided me with outstanding customer service and went out of their way to ensure that I felt comfortable. The flight attendants were extremely friendly and tried their best to take in the maximum number of passengers they could.

Why I’m telling this?

I’m mentioning this because, I’ve never witnessed such a large number of passengers get angry with flight attendants in the way I saw during this trip. It’s not uncommon to witness minor disputes over the overhead bin’s space or seating. However, on Frontier I witnessed a lot of passengers who expected flight attendants offer them services they didn’t pay for. These ranged from people wanting to trade seats in exchange for better seats to passengers who made them feel harassed about the cost of their on-board snacks. After having witnessed one of these unpleasant incidents that a passenger had with another passenger prior to departure. I inquired of the flight attendant what she had been doing. She smiled and said in a sincere way that she was exhausted and would like to relax upon landing.


It was clear to me that lots of passengers take advantage of cheap tickets on Frontier and don’t fully understand what they’re getting and also what they’re getting. It’s crucial for travelers to research their options prior to making a purchase and ensure that they are comfortable with the services they’re receiving when purchasing tickets. If Frontier isn’t an ideal choice then it’s likely worthwhile to pay some more money elsewhere to gain the services you desire.

I had a fantastic journey with Frontier and I would definitely travel with them again. I did not pay for my flight, but the price of my round trip from San Francisco to Orlando was $434. And think I received more than I anticipated without paying additional fees. Crew members were friendly I felt secure on the boat and we made it to the airport in time. This is all that is important to me.

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