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Helpful Tips to Optimize Your DIY Crafts Blog Site

Whether it’s a DIY garden bench or a remodeling of your old furniture, everyone loves crafts, and everyone loves crafty DIY tutorials! While numerous people learn from these sites, others are satisfied simply by watching the process of how something is created!

Even in the UAE, the DIY culture is gaining success along with an increasing trend for hardware and tools relevant to home segments. All to support the DIY habits! With more and more people opting for crafts as hobbies, therapy, or fun, DIY crafts have become essential for today’s customers!

Lucky are DIY lovers! As the World Wide Web provides them with a gateway to the world of DIY crafts! From websites to videos to blogs and tutorials, the cyber world is a haven for craft bloggers showcasing their skills and craft lovers who love browsing through numerous projects!

If you are one of the former and love blogging about your DIY craft habits and want more and more people to get a chance to see your work. You may need a hand with your DIY crafting blog! Simply because if your customers don’t know your blog exists, you’ll never get the recognition you deserve! The right SEO services company in Dubai can ensure that your blog and your DIY crafts get the recognition they deserve!

Helpful tips to optimize crafting blog and tutorials site:

Regardless of the type of crafts you’re advertising, your blogging website needs to pop among searches on the Search Engine! Without the much-needed appearance on the search engine, not even your most dear customers will be able to see what you’re up to!  Blog optimization allows you to rank high on the search engine and allows your fans to remain updated! Use the following tips to get the optimization process rolling!

Identify post goals

The most critical element remains the goal of the post. Depending on the type of blog you’re handling, it could have multiple goals. For example, a fashion blog could have the following objectives:

  • Attracting a new audience
  • Promoting a product/service
  • Share important information
  • Share updates

The post-goal will go on to determine how the keyword research will be conducted. Once you establish the post-goal, it’s essential to determine the goal metric. A factor that allows you to measure how well you’re doing with the goal. In the case of an increased audience as your goal, your blog traffic is an essential metric.

Target the right audience

Once you have set the goals for your posts, it’s important to:

  • Know what audience you’re targeting with your actions. It could be new readers or loyal fans, people who have the ability to broadcast a message or influence others to turn to your post.
  • Target specific groups with each post and make it a point to notify as many people about it as possible. Growing the traffic to a blog site is essential!

Conduct appropriate keyword research

Once you have identified the goals and your target market has been determined, it’s important to consider your keyword research (i.e., the list of keywords you will be using). It’s advised to look for about 3 to 5 keywords that you need to target.

The chosen keywords should:

  • Be commonly searched for
  • Not hard to rank
  • Devoid any features that could take away the ability to be ranked against web content.
  • The chosen keywords should also have the same intent, meaning that the searchers for each of the 3 to 5 keywords you chose should be looking to accomplish the same goal.

If you are unaware of doing it, SpiralClick can do the job for you by determining the right and relevant keywords for your blog. Experts ensure that your name appears first when users type in keywords in the search engine search bars!

Competitive research is critical to target the right audience

It’s important to do your competitor analysis when you’re looking for keywords for posts on your DIY crafting blog with tutorials.

Ask questions like:

  • Who else may be ranking for the keywords via keyword tools?
  • Has anyone produced content that’s been shared numerous times?
  • How can I make my blog post unique?

Using research and the rest of the information mentioned above, it’s now time to create a post that’s unique, targeting the right audience, and has a more significant potential to go well with the audience. You’re going to optimize your blog posts next. This has come to web content optimization.

  • The 3 to 5 phrases chosen to come into play again as one of them becomes the primary keyword that you should be targeting with your content.
  • The other keywords are incorporated into the text, in Meta tags, URL, titles, and all other critical areas of your post.
  • Use any old URLs that have been ignored for a very long time and can be used here again via internal linking in order to get your audience to reach it.

Remember! Linking this content within the content generated seamlessly is important! We don’t want the step-like appearance of your final product!

Craft Away!

If you’ve finally set up your DIY crafts site and planning on growing your blog. It’s about time you start working towards generating a large audience that you can share your crafty side with. Use these essential tips whole DIY, or you may opt for SEO. The experts optimize your site to make it one of the top-ranked places on search engine results!


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