How To Appoint the Most Competent Packers and Movers Services in Pune

Choosing to move with professional packers and movers is the right decision as it saves you a lot of time and effort. But choosing the right packers and movers in Pune is the utmost priority in this case. If you are planning to shift to a new locale within the Pune region or to some other state, you have come to the right place. I will let you know how to appoint the most competent packers and movers services in Pune. In the following pointers, I have explained how to appoint the most competent packers and movers services in Pune:

Understand the gravity of the situation

There are an ample number of packers and movers who have been carrying out the shifting and logistics business for decades. Not all of them hold a good reputation. Many of the customers have complaints against the packers and movers who have caused them immense trouble. Some of the customers complain about how their goods have been damaged or lost while some complain about the delay in delivery of the goods. Some of the customers have faced severe problems as they have been victims of moving scams.

You need to understand the gravity of the situation and stay safe from all the potential red flags. Appoint a moving company that is legitimate and competent at the same time.

Ask for referrals

Ask your relatives, friends, neighbours, or colleagues if they know of some reputed and experienced packers and movers. Don’t forget to visit the offices of the real estate agents and brokers in the nearby area. They also have the contact details of competent packers and movers.

Do some online research

Search the internet to find out about the best-suited moving companies near your locality. You should also visit their websites and read the customer reviews about their previous experience after hiring the moving company. If you find a lot of positive feedback about a particular company, you can call them up and proceed with the necessary steps.

Enquire from an agency

Many online platforms provide expert solutions to customer queries. You can call them at their helpline number or e-mail them to post your query. They will come up with the verified details of three moving companies in your vicinity. It is the most efficient way to get the contact details of moving companies.

Carry out a pre-move survey

After getting the details from the agency, you should call the three companies separately. Ask them to carry out a pre-move survey and they will send an agent from their company to check the major pieces of belongings in your house such as the furniture and appliances. According to the survey, they will send you the cost quotation.

Choose the best option

After receiving the cost quotation from the three different moving companies, you will be able to compare them. Also pay heed to the fact that some companies provide add-on services like unpacking, re-arranging, and warehousing facilities. Choose the moving company that provides you with the cheapest rates and best add-on services.  

Verify their legitimacy

It is very important to verify the legitimacy of a moving company before you decide to move ahead with them. You should visit their office and check their documents. Ask them to show you their company trade license, GST certificate, and PAN card details. Also, ask them to show their IBA-authorisation letter as it is proof that the moving company is registered and authorised by Indian Bank’s Association. If the company members do not hesitate to show you their credentials, you can assume the company to be trustworthy.

Look out for the warnings

You must stay alert and observe people keenly while interacting with them. Be aware of the warning signs you receive as you talk to them. Check out their body language, how they behave with their potential customer, and the way they answer your queries. If you find anything suspicious, consider it a warning. When the packers and movers ask you to pay a hefty amount in advance or to make all transactions in cash, they are not reliable.

Check, if you find that a moving company is avoiding carrying out a pre-move survey or is reluctant about sharing their credentials with you, do not go ahead with them. Again, if you find that the moving company arrived at your doorstep with a leased truck, never choose them. Any reputed moving company will have its own moving trucks with its logo printed on the surface. If a company is using a leased truck, it will be very easy for them to run away with your belongings without being traced.

Settle for the one

Choosing the most competent moving company is a step-by-step procedure that you need to carry out with a lot of patience. Check for referrals and then check for online reviews. Ask the experts and find the verified details of the moving companies according to your budget and preferences. Call them up for conducting a pre-move survey and providing you with the cost quotations. Compare the packers and movers rates of the different companies and choose the company that gives you the cheapest rates and the best add-on facilities. Verify the credentials of the moving company and pay attention to the warnings while interacting with them.

After doing all the measures, you will be able to settle for the best-suited moving company according to your budget and choice.


Finding legitimate and experienced packers and movers amongst numerous moving companies is a complicated process. Yet, you have no choice but to carry out the process if you do not want to be deceived by a moving scam. There are a lot of customers who have been vandalised emotionally and otherwise as the fraud companies have looted their belongings on the move. You have to be aware of such nuisance-causing companies.

Follow the aforesaid tips on how to appoint the most competent packers and movers services in Pune and be sorted in this regard. I hope you find the perfect moving company; good luck!

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