How to Get More Views on Facebook

Businesses often view engagement as a desirable goal, especially regarding Facebook.

YouTube is the most popular video streaming site on the internet. However, Facebook users watch more than 100 million hours of video each day.

It is unclear why mentors, business coaches, influencers, and other professionals cannot generate significant engagement on Facebook despite hosting more than 2 billion users per month.

They either receive very little engagement or fail to get clients to view their content.

Facebook’s average engagement rate per post is just above 3%. As the platform improves what users see, organic reach is decreasing.

It is easy to see why it is so difficult for businesses to get their message across to the right people.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at mentoring or business coaching; it can be not easy to make your presence known on Facebook with so much content click here.

You also have no control over how the platform prioritizes posts based on relevance or engagement.

This blog will highlight 11 powerful tips and ways to help business coaches, mentors, and influencers significantly increase their Facebook posts’ views.

Tell an emotional story Facebook.

Every business has stories and facts which can be shared via social media.

It’s not difficult to remember if it is a story or a fact.

It is essential to create great stories that are both emotional and valuable.

We have so many Facebook success stories that we can share now to show the importance of storytelling.

Our clients, such as Lewis Howes and Gabby Bernstein, Jesse Eker, and Setema Gali, have seen their engagement and views skyrocket on Facebook through powerful storytelling.

You can create content for Facebook videos like these mentors and influencers. However, it would help if you focused on your users’ needs and emotions and not your services.

Content that triggers emotions is in high demand.

Facebook is not just for boring brand news. They use Facebook to share emotions and conflicts with others.

Use emotional narratives in your content.

Did you know that emotions can influence 90% of our buying decisions?

Through storytelling, it is crucial to reach out to your audience on an emotional level.

How to make your posts more engaging and interesting:

  • Your audience’s pain points
  • Appeal to the basic instincts of your audience
  • Neuro copywriting techniques
  • Your posts will have a WOW factor!
  • Retell memorable, exciting stories

Shareable Content Facebook

What makes a Facebook user share content on Facebook?

Which content would you share on Facebook?

Each day, thousands of videos, blogs, articles and other content are posted to the internet. The sad part is that most stories don’t make an impact. Some stories go viral, but only a few do. People love to share these stories again and again.

How can you create engaging content people love and keep them on their toes for many weeks or months?

Your audience should be compelled to share your content when interacting with it.

It could be breaking news or a simple recipe. Educational Facebook videos are also possible.

When you share your content, it should be a positive example to others.

Facebook Advertising: Amplify Content

It is difficult to make your presence known on social media platforms such as Facebook, where engagement rates are falling read more.


First, don’t abandon Social Media.

Second, create strategies to increase engagement with your posts.

Social Media advertising is the best strategy to stop organic reach decline. Social Media advertising is a powerful strategy to increase the reach of your top-performing posts.

Your content will be more engaging and reachable if you use the right ad targeting.

Facebook remarketing audiences are now available. This will allow you to attract the most relevant leads to your content. This refers to running ads targeted at people who have visited your website.

Let’s suppose you own a coaching company.

Website visitors are interested in your courses or programs but don’t sign up. You are losing customers who might be interested in partnering with your company.

Here is where Facebook’s tracking pixels are needed to identify bouncers.

This will allow you to run targeted advertising campaigns based on the behavior of your clients.

You can offer a free Facebook-exclusive giveaway, such as a coaching session to encourage your customers to make a purchase.

Facebook allows you to create a “lookalike” audience to reach people similar to your customers.

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