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How To Make Your Kids Busy At Home? 

Whether your kids are on sick leave, on holidays, on weekends, or covid-19 pandemic that forced kids to stay home for months it gets hard as parents to entertain their toddlers.  As a parent, it can be maddeningly hard to make cranky kids happy. Nowadays kids are more attracted to spending time watching YouTube videos and spending most of the time facing screen time. Understandably, kids’ excessive screen time is one of the parent’s top concerns so if you are struggling to find ways to make your kids busy then you can read the whole blog. 

Some of the tech-free activities are for you to entertain your little naughty kids so when they get bored you can follow these tips. 

Ways To Make Your Kids Entertained At Home

Follow some of the activities to make your child happy and entertained while staying home. If you want to make your kids happy then you can also do online shopping for toys for them while staying home. You can use the kidly discount code in your shopping to get discounted price toys if you want to buy something for your kids. 

Make Them Busy Making Bubbles At Home

Bubbles are the most fun thing for both adults and kids. Everybody enjoys making bubbles. I’m sure everybody has tried making bubbles by using shampoo or soap at home in their childhood, right? 

Well, popping it and making bubbles is a fun thing that I enjoy doing with my kids. You can make a solution for bubbles all by yourself at home easily. You just need to have a half cup of corn syrup, 3 cups of water, and 1 cup of dish wash. A pro tip is to first add corn syrup into the water and then add dish wash gradually and try not to form any bubbles in the process. If you have bubble wands then it is cool otherwise you can find anything around the home. or if your kids have a bubble machine gun then it will be the less messy approach. 

Hand Over A Paper And Some Colors 

It is better to hand over a piece of paper and some colored crayons to your child and ask them to dry whatever they want. This activity will not only make them excited but they will also learn a new skill. You can also ask them to draw their favorite cartoon sketch instead of watching cartoons. Or you can also give a coloring book to your kids and ask them to color and enjoy their free time.

Train Your Kids To Help You Home Chores 

While chores are not a fun thing for most grown-up kids to do, they engage in such things and teach them to help with home chores. It is the best way to entertain them and teach them basic manners. Like making their bed, loading the dishwasher, helping your child learn to sweep, etc. If you want to set up your kid’s room then you can buy luxury furniture at a low price by using the cuckooland voucher code and make your kids happier. 

Go On A Walk With Your Kid At Your Garden

If you have free time and you can go for a walk then grab your kids and take them along for a nature walk. It would make your kids happy and if there is a garden in your home it will be cooler. If you have a toddler then take a short stroll with your kid, as you walk encourage your child to learn new things. Take pictures with your child and make memories and enjoy every moment with your baby. You can also teach them the names of flowers, birds, and other natural names and if your baby is a toddler then this will help them to gain interest in such things. 

Ask For New Ideas For Your Kids

Always, I repeat ask your child what they want and what they want to do. it is a measuring mistake as apparent with their child that they just impose their choice over the child and don’t ask them what they want. In this time of the world, you need to give importance to everybody, even to your children too. Because if you don’t ask them for their choice then they will become rebellious.

Brainstorm ideas with your kids about what things can cheer them up when they are bored. Make a box and add all the suggestions in that box and next time when your kids get bored, pick any of the chit and just do it with your kids. This not only excites them but they will also feel special that their parents are giving them importance by asking them their choice. 

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