How to Optimize Images for your WordPress Website?

How Should You Optimize Images for Your WordPress Site?

how to optimize images for WordPress without losing quality

Image optimization will benefit any website, especially WordPress. When JPEG photos or other images are huge, the page loads slowly, which might be annoying. WordPress pages load quicker with optimised pictures. Large images impede webpage loading. Using optimised photos in WordPress may improve SEO, website loading, image uploading, device storage, conversion rates, and user experience.

Most individuals want to store many photographs, yet they worry about storage. Picture optimization reduces and saves image size. People may build picture albums on smartphones, laptops, PCs, and other devices with different operating systems.

Image Optimization

By using image optimization or image compression, you may minimise the file size of your photographs and images without sacrificing quality. This implies that the optimised or compressed photos will transfer more quickly.

This blog will provide you with comprehensive details on why image optimization is important and what programmes work best for this purpose.

Tools for Image Optimization on WordPress Websites

Optimize the photos on your WordPress or other websites. The programmes listed below each do picture optimization in their own unique method.

1.      JPEG Compressor for Free Image Optimizer optimises and compresses pictures without compromising quality. It’s free and can improve photos in many ways. This image compressor simplifies image optimization.

Images will be evaluate using JPEG encoding. JPG, PNG, SVG, JPEG, WEBP, Heic, and GIF are supporte. Simple online JPG compression

You may upload images using the Select Files option, dragging and dropping, or copying.

It can optimise 20 photographs at once, including GIFs, with a maximum file size of 10 MB

This SVG compressor can compress larger SVG files than JPEG. You may compress GIF online to minimise file size and speed up animations.

2.      SmallSEOTools Online Photo Size Compressor

This JPG size reduction resizes photographs stored in the JPEG, PNG, and JPG formats to accomplish this. The tool supports photographs up to 5 MB in size and can compress up to 20 photos at once.

It is a tool that compresses PNG files, sometimes known as a PNG compressor.

Drag the image files or choose Upload your Files, then click the Compress Pictures button to compress the JPEG files or other supported images.

3.    Watermarkly Photos Online For Free

Online image optimization with an image compressor is a clever way to reduce file sizes. Only GIF, JPEG, and PNG image formats are accepte.

Compress GIFs with it since it’s also an optimizer for GIFs, allowing you to upload smaller images.

You may use the Select Images button or the drag-and-drop functionality to upload up to 20 images simultaneously.

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4.      TinyPNG 

TinyPNG is a free, web-based alternative to the more complex and resource-intensive JPEG reduction tool. Only the PNG, JPEG, and WEBP formats may be use to save images.

Websites with photos that have been optimise for online use load rapidly. As a result, those who visit your website will have a positive emotional response. It has a limit of 20 photos and a maximum size of 5 MB per image.

This webp image compressor minimises webp file sizes by compressing them.

Users can lower the size of their picture files by dragging and dropping them into the drop box.

However, users will need to subscribe to the premium version in order to access the more sophisticated features.


Similar to other mass picture optimizers is allows for the batch optimization of JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF files. is the only image optimizer on our list that prioritises reducing file size. Simply said, always returns the lowest-resolution version of an uploaded image. After that, you may either download the photographs file all at once, or you can download them individually. now supports importing files from services like Box and Dropbox as well as exporting them to Dropbox.’s pro edition has several more features for power users, such as the ability to input numerous picture sources at once, upload images of any size, and more.

6. PNGGauntlet

This software employs the PNGOUT, DeflOpt, and OptiPNG compression methods in order to reduce the size of PNG files to the greatest extent feasible. The number of choices available for customising the settings is restricted, but the utility is able to convert photos save in formats such as GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP to the PNG file format.


It is extremely crucial to compress your photographs using the appropriate programme in order to guarantee that the file size is decrease without a significant decrease in image quality, with convenience, and with support for additional features. In this context, Wondershare UniConverter functions as an outstanding tool, providing support for high-quality compression as well as additional capabilities

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