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Justifications for Implementing a Corporate Wellness Program in Your Malaysian Company !

This is the most exhaustive list of reasons why your company will benefit from a Corporate wellness program Malaysia, often known as an employee assistance programme (EAP).

As a business owner or HR director, you may have considered this decision for a while, but the evidence wasn’t convincing.

Or perhaps you understand these Corporate wellness program Malaysia well enough to realise that they would be beneficial to your organisation, but you must submit the facts to your finance team for approval.

I’ve got you cover!

You will have every reason to begin the process of developing a corporate wellness programme or EAP immediately if you have all the facts, the most recent research, and the current best practises.

Here are 5 reasons why your company must implement a Corporate wellness program Malaysia. If you want to grow better, don’t save this budget, you will find that the ROI has a surprise!

Ready, let’s start our topic today !

Reason #1: Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in Malaysia

According to the Malaysian Mental Health Association, there are more mental health issues in Malaysia as a result of the global pandemic.

Even before the epidemic, mental health issues frequently remain undiagnose, and Malaysians were inclined to try to get by without ever seeking the right care—a formula for stress that only got worse.

A 2020 study by Wong et al. found that the number of people experiencing stress, despair, and anxiety was increasing. They added a global epidemic, mobility control orders for the last 18 months, and isolation.

Reason #2: Mental health services are underutilised

According to a report published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, mental health and stress services are underutilised significantly in Malaysia (IJERPH).

People need to be inform about the services that are available to manage stress and mental health issues because they might not be aware of them.

Maybe they are worry about the price of services.

Some Malaysians may feel treatment is just for people with serious mental illnesses, not “ordinary” diseases like stress or worry.

Whatever the cause, Malaysians aren’t getting the care they need for psychological anguish, which is affecting their capacity to work.

Reason #3: Employee Engagement Is Affecting by Mental Health Issues

Mental illness is linked to being 6.7 times more likely for employees to feel psychological distress, which can affect an employee’s work performance.

One of three characteristics linked to lower work engagement, according to a second study that focused on the work engagement of Malaysian employees, was psychological discomfort.

There is no question that a worker’s mental health has an impact on how engaged and productive they are at work, thus business owners and management should give it top importance.

Reason #4: Stress Has an Impact on Employee Absence

Employees may be more prone to require time off if they are experiencing stress, especially if this tension is being cause by their job. As we previously indicating, psychological anxiety is linking to physical symptoms that can result in more sick days.

According to a BMC Public Health study, stress in particular is one of the biggest factors influencing absenteeism.

However, employees are more likely to be present and involving in their work when stress is effectively control.

Reason #5: An EAP Boosts Employee Contentment

What elements have an impact on employee satisfaction?

The following are some of the most important factors, per an American Psychological Association survey:

  • job satisfaction
  • The advantages
  • a sense of belonging to the organisation
  • Coworkers

Here are some ways that an EAP might improve each of these satisfaction factors:

  • aids with stress management, which makes it easier to fully appreciate one’s work.
  • gives employees access to benefits outside of standard healthcare that can significantly improve their quality of life
  • demonstrates to staff that the company is interesting in their growth both as a person and as an employee.
  • reduces conflict at work to improve relationships with coworkers and management


Wow, that was convincing.

Statistics and research support this claim.

Rising mental health issues affect all Malaysian employees, including yours. Start an EAP to help your employees, enhance workplace efficiency, and boost your financial line.

Which one of these twenty factors propelled you to take the initial move today?

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