Know about IELTS Revaluation Success Rate

Should You Request A Reassessment? Factors to Consider

Here you will know about know about IELTS revaluation success rate before applying for it. Whether you need to re-score your IELTS exam depends on your situation. But there are several questions to keep in mind when making this decision:

When Do You Need To Pass Scores?

Disputing your IELTS results takes time. Even if you end up being right and you scored higher than your initial results, it might not matter. If you need to send passing grades within the next three weeks, your corrected grade will arrive too late.

Do You Need To Send Sheet Music Soon?

When you dispute your IELTS score, you will need to send your test report form together with the results request form. Without the test report form, you will not be able to submit your IELTS scores anywhere. This could prevent you from getting a conditional acceptance into a school.

Can You Afford The IELTS Reassessment Fee?

The cost of submitting a results request form to challenge your IELTS score depends on the test centre. However, many charge the same amount for an IELTS reassessment as for taking a new test. It’s often around $210. You should contact the test center where you took the exam for the exact price.

Do You Think Your Score Was Lucky?

If you feel like you did well in IELTS, do you think it’s because you were well prepared? Do you think you are lucky? If you feel you can do as well on the IELTS again, retaking the IELTS might be the best option. You can also ask your expert or join IELTS coaching in Lucknow.

If, after some consideration, you decide to challenge your IELTS score, here’s what to do.

Contact the Center Where You Took the IELTS Test

Your first step is to Contact the center where you took the IELTS test. You will need to complete an Inquiry of Results (EOR) form (PDF). You can get it from the test center. When you contact the test center, make sure you know the cost of submitting an EOR IELTS. These changes depending on the test center.

Don’t wait too long to do so. You must submit a completed EOR within six weeks of the IELTS exam.

Complete the Form and Include Other Necessary Documents

Once you have obtained the EOR, complete it and submit it to the test center IELTS administrator. Be sure to indicate the sections you wish to reassess. The cost and time required to reassess an exam does not change regardless of how many sections you want to reassess. Therefore, unless a particular score seems surprisingly high to you, you’ll probably want them all re-evaluated. It’s also wise to have as many sections re-graded as possible, because if any are rated higher during the re-scoring process, your re-scoring fee will be refunded.

In addition to the EOR, you will be required to submit your test result form, which will not be returned to you until your test has been reassessed. Also be sure to include your payment.

Once you have submitted your EOR, test report form and payment, everything will be sent to the IELTS offices in England or Australia. And also the whole process use 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

Receive the Results of the New Scoring

Once your test has been reassessed, the test center where you took the IELTS will send you an email. This email will let you know if your test results have changed or stayed the same after the re-scoring.

If the scores remained the same, you will receive your original test report form. However, if a section comes back with a different score, you will receive a new test report form from the test center. If any of the section scores are higher than originally scored, you will be issued a new test report form and your re-scoring fee will be refunded.

A Final Word on IELTS RevaluationPass Rates

Can IELTS results be changed? While it is difficult to determine an exact IELTS reassessment pass rate, what we do know is that IELTS score increases are rare, but not impossible. And keep in mind that you will have to pay an IELTS reassessment fee if you want your score reassessed.

For more information on IELTS revaluation score reassessment, see the following resources provided by overseas education consultants’ help.

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