KUDREMUKH TREK : Most Amazing Trek Of Karnataka


Kudremukh in a real sense implies a pony’s face in Kannada. This is additionally called as Samseparvath generally as it used to access from Same town.

Kudremukh is settled in the core of the western ghats in Chikkamagaluru region. It goes under Kudremukh National Park which is the second-biggest natural life safeguarded region in the western ghats.

It is arranged at a height of 6,207 ft and is the third most elevated pinnacle of Karnataka after Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri.

Kudremukh is a permanent spot for some widely varied vegetation. You might recognize deer and peacocks on the way among other natural life while journeying!

It is a lovely journey through the moving green slopes and hazy valleys. You cross through prairies, woodland and many little streams.

Places To Visit In Kudremukh Trek :

Visit The Structure of Horse’s Face of The Peak :  

The Kudremukh top has a remarkable construction that seems to be a pony’s face from the side. This design is noticeable following an hour of traveling from the backwoods office. This looks nearer however there is an additional 3 hours of traveling to arrive at that point.

Trekking In Shola Forest : 

Shola is a neighborhood name for fields and shrublands that are noticeable in the western ghats. You need to travel across shola timberland to arrive at the Kudremukh top.

This backwoods is home to numerous untamed life like deer, lion-followed macaque, Malabar monster squirrel, panther, normal langur and some more. Assuming you are adequately fortunate, you spot them while journeying. During rainstorm season, you can track down leeches for each progression in this segment.

One of the captivating pieces of this part is the cascades and little streams. You need to cross many streams en route to the pinnacle. Here and there you might need to wet your shoes while crossing.

Breathtaking View of the Rolling Hills :   

At the point when you emerge from the shola timberland, you see a stupendous perspective on the moving slopes around you. Green slopes and foggy valleys are the awards to the eyes. During a storm, this region may be completely covered with fog. In any case, finding the stowaway in the middle between those mists and fog is something you shouldn’t pass up.

Trail Information on the Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Trek can be partitioned into 3 segments. They are:

  1. The path from Forest office to Ontimara 2(lone tree) is a steady rising in the backwoods and on the field.
  2. Journey from Ontimara 2 to Final stretch which has a more extreme climb.
  3. The Ridge stroll from the last segment to the pinnacle. 

Best Time to do Kudremukh Trek : 

Nonetheless, the Kalasa district gets a wonderful climate consistently.

During storms and winter, you can see many little streams, dim shola woodland, bamboo bushes sufficiently tall to contact the sky and moving green slopes.

Thus, it isn’t prescribed to travel in the mid-year.

Troublesome Sections on the Kudremukh Trek :

  1. The Kudremukh journey is of moderate trouble. You want to cover 9 km one way.
  1. There are no troublesome segments thusly except for note down a couple of things to remember while journeying.
  1. Traveling in the woodland area can be elusive. Ensure you wear legitimate traveling shoes and a journeying post.
  1. Crossing the little streams in the woods is a precarious part. The overgrown rocks in the water can be elusive.
  1. The path from the second Ontimara to the last stretch has a precarious climb of 3 km. You ought to be adequately fit to travel in those segments to partake in the view.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Kudremukh Trek :

  1. The Kudremukh journey begins from Mullodi town which is around 15 km from Kalasa. Arriving at Mullodi straightforwardly is difficult.
  1. You need to initially arrive at Kudremukh Entrance which is around 10 km from Kalasa. From the Entrance point, enlist a jeep to Mullodi town where you get the woods office. This is where you need to take authorization and start your trip.

Who can do the Kudremukh Trek?

The all out distance of Kudremukh journey is 18 km. It requires perseverance and a tad of traveling experience to finish the trip in a day.

There are no specialized segments on the journey. Subsequently, a fit novice likewise can endeavor this.

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