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It is an evergreen herbaceous plant grown in tropical and subtropical regions. The botanical name of Arbi is Colocasia esculenta, and it belongs to the Araceae family. It is a type of vegetable grown from very ancient times. In its raw form, this vegetable can be poisonous. However, this salt gets destroyed in cooking. Or it gets destroyed even after keeping them in cold water overnight. Arbi is a very famous and familiar plant of all. Its nature is cold and wet. 

Arbi is a summer season crop. It occurs in the summer and rainy seasons. The size of the leaves coming out of its plants is very wide, which after drying can be eaten by making vegetables and pakoras from these leaves, flour is obtained from its dried tubers. It can be done with corn, with potatoes as well. Farmers can reap many benefits from this. 

Cultivation of Arbi

Arabic farming is done in both Kharif and Rabi seasons. Kharif crop is sown in July, which gets ready by December and January. At the same time, the produce of the Rabi season is planted in October, which is prepared in April and May.

Suitable Land 

Arbi can be cultivated in fertile soil containing any bacteria. But sandy, loamy land with adequate biomass and proper drainage is suitable for Arabic. According to sufficient information, the land with sandy loam soil has been found most suitable for its cultivation. The pH value of the land in its cultivation should be between 5.5 to 7. The warm and temperate climate is considered ideal for the cultivation of arabica. Moreover, for its cultivation Kubota b2741 tractor model is suitable because of its high quality attributes. 

Climate & Temperature

It is a warm-season crop grown in the summer and rainy seasons. Its plants grow well in the rainy and summer season, but the hot and cold climate is harmful to its plants. The frost that falls in the winter stops the plants’ growth. The tubers of Arabica grow well only at the maximum temperature of 35 degrees and a minimum of 20 degrees. Higher than this temperature is harmful to the plants.

Field Preparation

Deep fertile and well-drained loam lands are suitable for its cultivation for high yield. It is a hot-season crop that can be grown in the summer and rainy seasons. Before cultivating it, the field has to be adequately prepared for this. For this, the first weed has to be prepared in the prepared field. Next, organise the bund keeping a height of one to one and a half feet in the already ready area. Finally, the beds have to be prepared in a pre-prepared field.

Manure & Fertilisers

For good yield, apply manure and fertiliser according to the soil test of Arbi’s field. Then, use chemical fertilisers at 80-100 kg nitrogen, 50 kg phosphorus and 100 kg potash per hectare. Give the first dose of nitrogen and potash as a base before sowing. And one month after planting, apply a second dose of nitrogen.


The summer season crop of Arabica requires more irrigation. During the summer season, irrigation is needed for an interval of 7 to 8 days in the beginning, to retain the moisture in the field. In addition, if the tubers are sown during the rainy season, it does not require much irrigation. However, irrigation should be done within 15 to 20 days if rain is not received on time. And when it rains, irrigate according to the need. And for irrigation purposes Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is the best tractor model. Also, they came with an affordable price range. 


For weed control, it was weeding and hoeing Arbi’s field from time to time by natural method. And if there are more weeds in the area, use the chemical method. The first wedding work of Arbi should be done after 30 to 35 days of sowing the field. If the stems are coming out in large quantities from the plant, cut off the remaining branches leaving one or two limbs.


The excavation of arabica depends on the appropriate time according to its varieties. For example, Arbi crops get ripe in 130 to 140 days. Therefore, the tubers should be dug only after full ripening for sending and storing in the market.

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