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Mark Consuelos: Life, TV Shows, Hollywood Movies & Marriage

Mark Consuelos is an American TV actor and personality. He is best known for playing Mateo Santos on “All My Children” and for being married to talk show host Kelly Ripa.

Who is Mark Consuelos?

Mark Consuelos is an American actor and TV host who was born in 1971. On the set, he met Kelly Ripa, who would become his wife. In 1996, they ran away together without telling anyone. Consuelos has been in shows like My Super Ex-Girlfriend and American Horror: Asylum since she left All My Children in 2010. He has been a guest co-host with his wife on her talk show Live! with Kelly and was on the Oprah Winfrey Show for a short time as a live panellist. On The CW’s Riverdale, Consuelos plays the bad guy Hiram Lodge.

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How Did Mark Spend His Early Life?

Mark Andrew Consuelos was born in the Spanish city of Zaragoza on March 30, 1971. He is the third and last child of Saul, who is Mexican, and Camilla, who is Italian. Mark Consuelos grew up in two places: first in Lebanon, Illinois, and then in Tampa, Florida. After high school, he went to the University of Notre Dame, but he changed schools and finished his study at the University of South Florida, where he got a degree in marketing in 1994.

How Consuelos Got Big Break in TV Industry?

Mark Consuelos got his big break on the soap opera All My Children in 1995, almost right after he graduated from college. As Mateo Santos, the actor met Kelly Ripa, who played his love interest Hayley Vaughan on the show, and quickly fell in love with her.

Who is Mark Consuelos Wife?

Mark Consuelos said this about the first time she met Ripa on set: “My first impression of my wife was that she was not only very pretty, but also very funny, very smart, and very quick. I realised that if I ever got into an argument with her, she would always win”. In 1996, the two actors got married in secret in Las Vegas.

What Did You Know about Consuelos Marriage?

Since 1996, Mark Consuelos and Ripa have been married. They have a Simple Lifestyle at Zaragoza city. They have three kids: Michael (born in 1997), Lola (born in 2001), and Joaquin (b. 2003). In 2018, their oldest son, Michael, made a guest appearance on Riverdale as a younger version of Consuelos’s character Hiram Lodge. We’re so happy. “Love you MJC #riverdale #bucketlist”, Consuelos wrote this on his Instagram.

TV Shows & Movies:

Mark Consuelos did a lot of TV and movies while she was on All My Children, like Friends (2001), Third Watch (2001, 2003), Hope & Faith (2005-2006), the war movie The Great Raid (2005), the superhero comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006), and Ugly Betty (2007).

How is the Co Host of Talk show?

Mark Consuelos also hosted talk shows, often appearing with his wife Ripa, who was already well-known as a co-host on Live! with Regis & Kelly (2001–2011) with Regis Philbin. The show was later call Live! Kelly (2011–2012, 2016–2017), Live! Kelly and Michael (2012–2016), furthermore, generally as of late Live! & with Kelly and Ryan (2017-present).

Mark Consuelos also hosted two reality dating shows on NBC in 2007: Age of Love and Science of Love. Later, she was on the Oprah Winfrey Show’s Fridays Live panel for a short time.

“American Horror Story: Asylum” and “Riverdale”

After being on Law & Order: SVU, Consuelos was cast as a pedophilic inmate name Spivey on American Horror Story: Asylum (2012-2013).

Why was the Fox’s New Drama Postpone?

In 2016, he played the manager of a baseball team, Oscar Arguella, on Fox’s new drama Pitch. Although, the show was postpone after one season because of low ratings. But the actor had better luck the next year when he was cast as the billionaire bad guy Hiram Lodge on The CW’s hit teen soap Riverdale. Hiram Lodge is the father of the character Veronica Lodge.

Was it Fun to Play a bad Guy for a Change?

“I love the positive way things have been going”, he said about Hollywood Movies efforts to be more welcoming. “People would probably say that it could move a little faster. There could also be a little more of it”.

What Do You Know about Consuelos Interview for Teen Vogue?

“I only played good guys at first. I played characters like Archie, who is a sweetheart and a hero who stands for everything that is good. That’s a lot of fun! “Consuelos said this in an interview for Teen Vogue”. I used to be the boyfriend, but now I’m the girlfriend’s father, and the boyfriend doesn’t like me”.

How did Consuelos Feel about Playing a Latino Father on the Show?

“I come from both Mexico and Italy. So, I was always in this… I wasn’t “Mexican enough,” and I wasn’t “Italian enough,” either. It didn’t really hit me till I was a little bit older, “Mark told Teen Vogue that he feels like pop culture reflects his culture.

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