NFT Business Ideas You Should Know Before 2023

Non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs, have brought a way in which the world can flexibly drive its economy. Traditional methods of earning money are slowly yet surely transforming. And that is all thanks to NFTs. Even with a time of crypto winter, NFTs, though, facing minimum step-down, is up and steady. They are moving ahead and expanding wider into various industries. Giants like gaming, arts, and music are already knee-deep into this evolutionary technology. 

With a new year just around the corner, influencers are gearing up to kickstart their own spaces in the metaverse, not forgetting NFTs. NFTs collectibles like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPuncks have already taken their stand in the rising market. So what are the top NFT business models you can start to chase up your NFT trading in 2023? Let’s find out.

Best NFT Trading In 2022

Before examining the potential NFT models for 2023, let’s run down the history of NFT facts in 2022. 

  • NFT started with $94.9 million and summed up to be around $24.9 billion by 2022.
  • Chainanalysis, a trusted market analyzer, stated that the total NFT market cost around $24 billion in 2022.
  • The most high-priced NFT, ‘The Merge,’ was sold for around $98 million, breaking the record of Beeple’s art.
  • The number of buyers was 759,145, and sellers were 910,611 in 2022. 
  • NFT turned the tables by introducing the Ethereum merge, or as called Ethereum 2.0.

2022 saw a rapid shift in the NFT pattern, and experts are predicting much more as it moves further.

Top NFT Business Ideas

NFT was initially introduced in 2013 but was entirely brought to the limelight by 2017. And since then, the potential of the NFT market has been witnessed worldwide. So let’s see the possible business ideas to undertake in 2023. 

NFT Marketplace

Conceivably, the most successful and looked upon business model at presence. NFT marketplaces are platforms where people can create and trade NFTs. The listed NFTs can be of any form, from artworks, music, books, gaming assets, or anything a person can possibly this of. Artists who want to make a mark in the Web 3 community can put the NFT marketplace to good use. NFT marketplaces are a one-stop for newcomers, and this becomes a usual place for artists to contact their fans directly.

P2E NFT gaming

P2E NFT games are considered the best NFT business concepts. A P2E NFT game is an excellent business to start for any entrepreneur, thanks to its system of player incentives and tempting storyline-based games. It is easy to create games of all kinds, and by using crypto-native tokens and in-game NFTs, the NFT business model may be profitable. The range of revenue streams in P2E NFT gaming is high, including Play-to-Earn (P2E), Move-to-Earn (M2E), and NFT rentals that can be included in any genre game. To reap the benefits, begin your Web 3 trip with an NFT game.

NFT In Real Estate

While real estate is going downhill in the physical sector due to many intermediaries, NFT involvement can possibly save the face of a real estate agency. The display of digital or physical land in the form of NFTs, recorded in blockchain via smart contracts, will enable customers to have easy trade. The issue with too many in-between hands and slow technological development. The lands and plots with made into NFTs with necessary smart contracts that will exhibit once a transaction is enabled. With further development of metaverse technology, NFT in virtual real estate may also present a solid financial opportunity.

NFT Launchpad

An NFT launchpad is a secondary spot for creators to raise funds for their future projects through Initial NFT offerings (INO). An initial NFT offering is a relatively new type of crowdfunding; tokenized assets in the form of NFTs are offered early on in a project or business for a specific period on the INO platform. This is a great business idea for individuals to put them right in the square of active investors awaiting projects verified and supported by good intentions.

NFTs For Sports

NFT business models offer several routes, like NFT collectibles and NFT-based P2E fantasy gaming. With sports joining the team, NFT has gained much value. With these Sports NFTs, fans can also access exclusive events and meet-greets that, in turn, will add much more value to the NFTs. 

NFT Lending And Borrowing Platform

Exchanging an NFT is not viable due to its non-tangible feature. However, lending or borrowing these NFTs can be made into a potential business model to increase your crypto economy. The user can lend and borrow financial helps through blockchain technology and contracts, keeping NFTs as collateral. 

Future Of NFT Business Models

There is greater potential for NFTs yet to unveil. However, this has not stopped NFTs from expanding in major gaming, fashion, and art industries. It is spreading like wide fire, and it is safe to say now that soon NFTs will be available like a usual tradable item like the stock market. Yet this will be much more efficient due to its involvement with the blockchain and smart contracts. NFTs have shown the potential to evolve and get accepted worldwide

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