Quartz surfaces and countertops: An excellent alternative to granite

Quartz is quickly overtaking granite as the most preferred countertop material in homes. It is becoming more widely recognised as a superior option for giving any recently remodelled kitchen or bathroom a clean, contemporary look. It is a fantastic and helpful addition to any house or company interior design project because of its alluring appearance, toughness, and low-maintenance character. These are the various benefits of a quartz surface and quartz counterparts:

Visual appeal:

 The versatility and aesthetic appeal of quartz are further benefits. Cream, black, white, and grey are some of the various colours available. Quartz, unlike granite, has a constant colour pattern throughout the whole surface. As a result, choosing a quartz product that perfectly complements the colour of other surfaces in your home is straightforward. It also has a tidy, basic appearance that many homeowners enjoy.


Because of its exceptional durability—indeed, it is almost indestructible—quartz is extensive employ. A seven on the Mohs scale gives quartz the highest mineral hardness rating of any common countertop material. Compared to other natural stones, it is less prone to chipping and breaking. Although the surface is resistant to scorching, it may shatter under extremely hot or rapidly changing temperatures. Hot pan or pot should always be place on trivet or hot pad. Quartz has a tremendous durability and may be kept in nearly flawless condition for many years if the proper precaution are taken. If you want a durable material for your house, quartz is a fantastic option. Kitchen countertops may be rather expensive. So you need to make sure the material you choose will hold up over time. An extremely hard mineral was also employed in the glue combination that was used to bond the quartz together to create the completed countertop. A solid, non-porous result that is incredibly strong and resistant to chipping. Scratching is what you get once the combination solidifies.

Tidiness and usefulness:

 One of quartz’s most advantageous characteristics is that it is nonporous and nonabsorbent. Since it does not support dangerous bacteria and organisms like mould, it is ideal for worktops in bathrooms and kitchens. Because it is so sanitary, quartz has been approved as a surface for food preparation by the National Sanitation Foundation. Being non-porous makes cleaning them easy. Simply give your countertop a gentle wash with soap and water to get it thoroughly clean. There are no grout-like tiny spaces to worry about, and special cleaning equipment is not required. Quartz requires no resealing, polishing, or conditioning, making it easier to maintain than granite and marble.

  • Quartz’s reputability as a lifetime investment and relative eco-friendliness are two elements that contribute to its appeal. Because of its abundance in the Earth’s crust, quartz is a sustainable substance despite not being a renewable resource. The lately gained popularity of quartz because of its exceptional durability. Is an excellent choice for worktops in kitchens and other significant areas. Quartz is also resistant to heat and stains.

Pricing Effectiveness: 

Quartz countertops are probably the only product where the adage “you get what you pay for” has never applied. Quartz is a miracle of strength and endurance, yet it is just slightly more costly than marble. According to Houzz, granite may cost up to $45-200 per square foot and marble can cost up to $75-250 per square foot, however quartz can be obtained for as little as $40-90 per square foot installed and retail for up to $55-155 per square foot. Quartz is also cheap since it just requires a single investment and has a long lifespan. Quartz has a long lifespan and is quite resilient.


 The visible brightness of your worktops will obviously differ less from manufactured goods than from natural equivalents, but advances in quartz coloration, patina, and manufacturing procedure are producing significant improvements in the aesthetic attractiveness of quartz. Caesarstone’s 2018 Metropolitan Collection is nothing short of stunning, with seven distinct colours that are indistinguishable from actual stone. It sets the standard high for the industrial-inspired design trend. Quartz can exactly duplicate Calcutta marble, genuine granite, shale, and even solid surface, providing homeowners total control over the aesthetic design of their ideal kitchen while utilising quartz’s strength, durability, and affordability.

Quartz is simple to keep clean: 

The most crucial thing you can do to keep your countertops in great shape and extend their life is to maintain them. Quartz countertops are non-porous, so you never have to worry about resealing them, unlike other natural stone worktops like marble and granite. The non-porous surface of a quartz countertop offers resistance to bacterial growth as well. Quartz countertops require no special maintenance other than regular cleaning. Your counters will stay spotless and new-looking if you give them a quick wipe-down at the end of the day. Avoiding contact with any highly hot surfaces is another essential aspect of keeping quartz clean.

A number of designs are available for quartz countertops: 

The greatest benefit quartz has over other natural stone countertops is without a doubt the diversity of designs that are available. The majority of quartz countertop are made with epoxy resin, which offer a variety of colour and pattern option. Even if these choice are still stun, some natural stone are only offer in their original colour and pattern, so you might want to pick something that matches your home’s design as a whole. Quartz is available in slabs that resemble granite or marble in almost every colour. If you want a more uniform appearance for your kitchen countertops, quartz is a great material to use.

With unmatched strength, toughness, style, commitment to sustainability, and universal appeal at its back, quartz is ready to keep atop the list of desirable countertop materials in 2018 and beyond. One of the most popular and intelligent choices that discriminating homeowners can make to upgrade their dream kitchens is granite because of its versatility and beauty. The Quartz Surfaces have shown more strength and effectiveness as compared to other alternatives.

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