Should I Engage A Freelancer Or A Web Development Company?

With such a huge pool of expertise and easily accessible content management systems available today, choosing who to hire for your company’s website design project might be difficult.

You may work with a downtown professional website design company, a local freelancer, a foreign developer, or your friend’s relative who has dabbled in WordPress. Each has advantages, which we will discuss more when we detail the advantages and disadvantages of freelancers versus a professional company.

Freelance Web Designer/Developer

Professional advantages


Individual freelancers determine their own pricing for web design, therefore they are frequently more price flexible. Because freelancers often charge by the hour, the ultimate amount may surprise you.

More specific

If you have a unique feature you want to be added to your website, like a banner animation or video content, many freelancers have incredibly specialized expertise, so they might be a wonderful fit.

More participation

You have the chance to participate more actively in the creative process when working with a single freelancer. With a freelancer, it’s just the two of you. In web design businesses, there are generally numerous layers of clearance for client work.


There is limited personnel

Because freelancers do not have a huge crew to support them, you are subject to their timetable. When working with a website development company, your web design project is usually given to a team of specialists.

Turnaround time is slow

Freelancers frequently work on numerous projects at once and may not be accessible when you require them. They may be too busy to answer if they are overburdened with work at any particular time.

There is less responsibility

Individual freelancers seldom have public ratings online, thus it is up to you to examine their references. However, just like any other job applicant, they will only provide you with connections that have received great feedback, so you will not get the complete picture.

Web Designer/Development Agency

Professional advantages

More trustworthy

Web design firms have a reputation to sustain in their neighborhood and among their colleagues in the business. They frequently use internet reviews to keep themselves accountable for their job.

Expertise in several fields

Because web design firms have their own copywriters, programmers, and designers under one roof, you won’t need to worry about hiring many employees to work on a single project.

More resources are required

A website design company frequently has larger budgets for project resources, which means they have access to superior technology and design materials.

More assistance

Marketing firms have larger teams and on-staff assistance. Project management software is generally used by agencies, which many freelancers may not have access to.


It is more pricey

Because marketing companies have numerous team members working on a web design project, their fees will almost certainly be higher. As a result, they provide a variety of pricing options for varied web design project scopes.

More red tape

Larger teams necessitate more processes and a more clearly defined hierarchy of roles. Any work sent to a client at an agency will normally travel through the designer, manager, CEO, then back to the designer for modifications.


When it comes to website design or development, a website development company is preferable since there are so many various aspects of a web design and development project that need the involvement of several professionals. If you go with a freelancer, you will need to hire many people for each component: writing, design, and coding.

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