Simplify Package Management with Innovative Solutions 

The process of package management in residential buildings and offices is likely becoming more difficult with each passing year, because of the tremendous increase in internet purchasing and food delivery services. If you’re still doing manual labor with pen and paper, you’re probably feeling stressed every day. And if you have technology but it doesn’t make this procedure any easier, you’re employing the wrong approach. 

There are several efficient package management solutions to help you out. Technology can replace manual labor, help with package delivery through receive apps and expedite the entire process. Here are some innovative solutions that can help! 

Use an Inventory Management System 

Manual inventory management is fraught with complications. Everything takes time, from processing orders, to sales and performing stock inspections so you can optimize your inventory levels across each outlet. That time should spent on growing your company. 

Automation is one of the most significant advantages of an inventory management system. Automation eliminates the possibility of human error, saving you countless hours, and assures that you do not make stupid mistakes. Once a set of rules established, this system is capable of performing mundane tasks with little manual assistance. 

Employ the Right Package Management Software 

The right technology can do wonders in order to help you simplify package management. A good receive app or delivery management software can help facilitate efficient deliveries with the help of the following features: 

  Automated Notifications 

By selecting a system that makes it simple to notify recipients when their delivery is available, you can avoid concerns with residents going to the reception to collect up a product that hasn’t arrived or isn’t ready for pickup.  

This saves recipients a lot of hassle and time wastage. The availability of alerts through various formats like text and email can be very helpful. The reason for that is that it allows a diverse audience to reap the benefit of this feature depending on what platform they use. 

Efficient Package Scanning 

Many shipment tracking services ask you to manually enter information such as your personal details (name and number), the carrier and package tracking number.  

This takes a lot of time and doesn’t help your team be more productive. Moreover, when done manually it can result in errors. By opting for technology that enables you to enter this data by scanning packages (using a smartphone and a laptop), you can bring more efficiency to your team.  


Package deliveries can sometimes be at risk of theft or misplacement. That’s why digital signatures are important to ensure that the package delivered to its rightful owner. When people pick up shipments, advised that you obtain signatures for enhanced security measures. 

This allows you to keep track of when packages picked up and guarantees that the appropriate owner receives them.  With the help of software, residents can sign for packages using tablets and other devices. This lowers paper wastage while also making signature storage and retrieval more straightforward. 

Set Up a Virtual Reception 

Not many apartment blocks feature a front desk or even on-site employees. Buildings can now put up a digital front desk to manage all shipments remotely, thanks to new technologies. The delivery workers just dial a video call from the screen menu, and the call routed to the admin who is responsible for receiving reception calls.  

This could be the site manager or off-site administrative employees. A single individual can manage the front desks of multiple building locations. If the initial call gets ignored, the intercom configured to call a standby admin, ensuring that shipments will still have admittance. 

Prevent Packages from Being Stolen 

Package theft is a prominent issue that plagues the delivery industry. Often, unattended packages left on the porch. These then go on to become targets of porch pirates or misplaced. Package theft greatly affects the rightful owner and can be cause for stress. 

With new package management systems, the receiver can get notifications and informed in advance when their package delivered. In this way, they would know when to receive it through the receive app.  

Furthermore, the user has the option to discard or move the package to another facility and pick it up at their own convenience. All these measures facilitate efficient deliveries. They make sure that packages not stolen or misplaced by being left idle. 


Technology has come a long way over the years. It has now simplified many package management processes that were once tedious. Manually managing all mail is a monotonous job and can also lead to errors. This is why; it’s important to streamline the delivery process with innovative solutions. With the help of intelligent software, mailrooms can ensure that deliveries reach their rightful owners swiftly. 

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