Snapchat Ads: How to Get Started


Savannah, a Snapchat ads expert and founder of The Social Savannah, who also runs a consultancy firm that helps e-commerce brands with paid social media. She also offers a Snapchat ads course for marketing, this article will detail everything related to Snapchat ads marketing.

Savannah details her followers about different types of advertising campaigns that they can run on. Snapchat and the various ad placement options that they can choose from according to their reference. If you want to learn what types of creative ads work well on Snapchat then keep digging this article.

Why to use Snapchat Ads?

Snapchat has 230 million daily active users who open the app 30 times per day. For at least 30 minutes or more. Snapchat is home to an audience that is completely different from that is Facebook. According to a report, age groups belonging to 13- to 24-year-old only uses Snapchat rather than Facebook or Instagram. Snapchat is the biggest source of information flow. For the same age segment in the U.S., UK, France, Canada, and Australia.

But, it is not necessary that the audience belonging to the above mentioned age group is limited to Snapchat. According to Savannah, she works with a client who used to sell baby products to the new moms. The client used to get insane orders via Snapchat from people aged 30 or above.


Different types of Snapchat Ad Campaigns and Targeting Options

Talking about e-commerce brands, the Snapchat campaigns can be pivoted toward purchasing a product or adding it to the cart. Other campaigns such as catalogue sales , dynamic product ads have also generated great sales for the e-commerce brands. For non-ecommerce brands, campaigns like installation of apps, lead generation, engagement, and awareness produce good results.  

Audience targeting option is fairly smart and strong because a brand knows its audience the best. You can create a customized audience by using a list of email address and phone numbers. Utilizing the same list brands can generate different types of look-a-like audience that will help in targeted ads.

A similar lookalike list is close to a 1% lookalike audience on Facebook. A balanced list is close to a 5% lookalike audience on Facebook. A reach list is closer to a 10% lookalike on Facebook.

She used an example to explain advertising, that is when Snapchat’s patented with Visa. It allowed advertisers to target audience by utilizing the record of their recent purchases. Such as baby products or any other item. This approach you a good idea to target the right audience. Who had recently purchased from the same category in which you are planning to advertise. According to Savannah, some of the best audiences she’s tested on Snapchat are those purchasing baby products and hand-crafted jewelry.

Types of Snapchat Ads

Single image or video ads are those types of advertisements. That are served inside user’s stories or feed almost similar to the ads being used in the Instagram Stories or feed. The length of these ads can vary anywhere from six to fifteen seconds long. With the most demanded one lasting for ten seconds.

The story ads are shown in the discover feed under the branded slot. That holds place right next to the organic tab. Your followers who click ok the either slab will be served with an array of advertisement videos or images lasting for two minutes. Divided among one minute each for videos and images.

Creative Snapchat Ad

Savannah works with clients in specific way for example she checks if a company is running an ad that is successfully working on Instagram and TikTok, will that work on Snapchat or not. According to her research, ads on Snapchat are successful if they focus more on user-generated content (UGC) when it comes to ad creative.

To explain it in easier words she told the story about her client, Doe Lashes, who found success by revamping her Tik Tok UGC for Snapchat. When

Someone post a review about any product on TikTok the brand downloaded and run it as an ad on Snapchat by removing TikTok logo using https://snaptik.club/.

Snaptik removes Tik Tok logos from the video in a matter of few seconds just by using the link of that specific TikTok video.


By using the above methods you can easily market your product on Snapchat that is gaining a good array of audience everyday.

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