The Best Motivational Gifts to Boost Employee Morale

Every business knows the value of boost employee morale, but you may not know what that means or how to go about boosting it. Employee morale can be broken down into two categories: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation refers to how interested employees are in their jobs, as well as their productivity and creativity levels.

Friendship Bracelet

Who doesn’t love a friendship bracelet? They’re simple enough that even kids can make them but thoughtful enough to know it’s not just any piece of string. Make one for every team member no matter how big or small their role to show your appreciation and boost employee morale.

Time, you are valuable

The first thing you need to remember is that your time is valuable. It may not seem like it when you are at work, but your life will end up going on no matter how hard or long you work. Do not forget that every single one of us will die someday and we do not know exactly when. So make sure that every minute of your day counts by being focused and present. This alone can help boost employee motivation and raise their productivity level in a short period.

Good luck charm

According to a study from Cornell University, people who have good luck charms are more optimistic and feel like they can control their lives. This mindset is essential for boost employee morale and even boost productivity. Give your employees these unique items as appreciation gifts, and they will appreciate you too! Who doesn’t want that?

Survival Kit for Stressful Times

Trying to get out of a rut? Take inspiration from your favorite movie character and help yourself out with a survival kit for stressful times. Invest in items that will encourage you, and share them with your loved ones as appreciation gifts. Here are some ideas.

Inspirational Quote Book

A book of inspirational quotes from some of your favorite business leaders is a great way to inspire positive thinking. If you run a small business, you probably know that keeping a positive attitude can sometimes be difficult. Employees are less likely to experience negative emotions if they’re provided with things that make them feel inspired and happy. These kinds of gifts motivate employees by reminding them why they work for your company in the first place.

Sympathy Card

Sending your employee a sympathy card is a quick and easy way to show you’re thinking of them during difficult times. Not only will it show your appreciation for their work, but it will also serve as a reminder that they are valued members of your team. If possible, sign and personalize each card by hand. Sending a few cards through the mail is also an affordable option for expressing your condolences and showing appreciation for their hard work.

Workout Membership Voucher

Exercise is a major contributor to employee motivation and morale. An office gym can work wonders for people’s moods, energy levels, and concentration throughout the day. A low-cost gift that shows employees how much you care about their health and well-being will be appreciated by both your employees and yourself.

Coffee Mug with Inspirational Quote

Remind your team members of what they mean to you and why their contribution is so important with a fun mug that features an inspirational quote or message. Better yet, add their names to it so they’ll know you’re thinking about them daily. You could even keep it for yourself and use it as a constant reminder of how much you appreciate your employees. A company-branded mug is also a great way to say thank you while promoting your brand!

T-Shirt with Motivational Quotes

An appreciation gift for your employees. Give them a shirt with inspiring or motivational quotes that can help boost their confidence and make them feel appreciated at work. Think of it as a daily reminder for them to put in their best effort.

Notebook With Inspirational Quote

This is a great gift for employees who work from home. Give them a notebook with an inspirational quote to keep their spirits up during long work days. You can even pair it with a cool pen that you’re sure they won’t be able to resist!

Flower Bulbs or Seeds

If you’re looking for an easy gift for your team, try giving them flower bulbs or seeds. Although not expensive, these gifts show that you care about your employees and their well-being outside of work. Flower bulbs and seeds also provide something of a future benefit: in just a few months, employees will be able to watch their plants grow into full-blown flowers and remind themselves how much you care about them every time they look at those flowers.

USB Drive with Meaningful Content on it

You can create an inexpensive but powerful gift by purchasing a flash drive and filling it with content that is meaningful for your employee. For example, if you own a business and an employee just had a baby, you can purchase a newborn picture of your employee’s child and store it on their flash drive. The next time they log in to their computer at work, they will see their little one staring back at them, and they will know how much you care about them as an individual.

Plant your garden and watch it grow!

Give your employees something that is outside of their control but also show them how much you appreciate their hard work. By doing so, you are supporting team collaboration and boost employee morale at the same time. A perfect gift for a business-savvy gardener who will appreciate its life lessons.

Self Help Book Let Go of Anxiety

It can be hard for employees to let go of anxiety, but according to a recent study by McKinsey & Company and Google, approximately 85% of job-related stress is self-inflicted. Learn how you can improve team collaboration with these motivational gifts. It will be easier for them to focus on their work and increase productivity!

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