The best way to increase real estate values ​​in a down market

Are you ready to upgrade your property? Here in this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to increase real estate values ​​in a down market. Click here to see luxury apartments in Lahore for rent.

What increases the value of a home?

Several ingredients are combined to increase the value of real estate in the down market. We see that a single factor never increases the value and at the same time is responsible for the decrease. In other words, we say that it is a bouquet of various factors that make the premises or a house look stylish. Furthermore, most market experts say location is the most important factor.

Undoubtedly, the location is necessary to increase the value, but the property itself is also responsible for it. For example, if we find a house in a prime location, but the shape and size are not right, what is the value? We can easily answer this question. In addition, the interior of the home specialty, kitchen and bathroom add value to the home at the highest level.

What factors affect the value of real estate?

Linking with the above discussion to continue, the property should be located where we find many amenities. Otherwise, it will turn out to be deadly for existence. Suppose there are no restaurants, schools, parks, healthcare and groceries nearby, what would you make of that property? Furthermore, every element, from floor to roof, can influence the building.

 Broken floors with a modern ceiling can not attract the outsider and vice versa. Furthermore, the age and structure of the building, documentation and building codes are some of the additional factors that influence the value.

What drives real estate values ​​down?

Plus, your neighborhood plays a huge role in improving value. For example, if a house sells for a higher price nearby, it becomes a tag for the other properties. On the other hand, if a house is sold for a low price, whether it is in line with your house or not in terms of the number of rooms, etc., the prices will fall.

Speaking of the neighborhood even more, the quarrelsome and problematic neighbors won’t let your property thrive. Last but not least, if people show less interest in the area where the property is located, the value will fall according to the rule of supply and demand.

How is the property value determined?

There is no universal way or fixed rule to determine the value. As a rule of thumb, the selling prices of nearby real estate determine the real estate. In addition, the brokers also determine the value.

The brokers keep an eye on the events in the area. They also monitor the rates of the homes sold in the area.

Which renovation adds the most value?

Keep the property as modern as possible within your means. Outdated windows and doors need to be replaced to improve renovation. Furthermore, a decent garage for at least two cars also increases the value. Modern bathrooms with tinted glasses made for privacy enhance the renovation and beautify the property to the fullest.

Is it a good time to buy real estate in Pakistan?

According to the real estate market analysis, there is no specific time for real estate investment. In the current situation, with the rising trends in population growth, it is never too late to buy a home. According to the famous concept of ‘supply and demand’, the real estate market seems to be booming.

On the other hand, people used to be reluctant to invest in this market. They had shown interest in other businesses, such as the stock market. Fluctuations in profit and loss caused investors to hold onto investments over time. Moreover, the latest housing trends in Pakistan attracted massive investor attention.

We see that today’s people are interested in seeking ease of life. In this regard, a quiet place to live is at the top of the list. Therefore, these trends made it a great time to buy a property in Pakistan.

Are property prices rising in Pakistan?

The price increase of everything is directly proportional to inflation. Inflation in Pakistan is currently quite high. That’s why real estate prices are going up. Moreover, the mushroom growth of housing associations made people so curious to move.

Demand for houses increased and rates went up. According to one estimate, real estate rates only increased by 5% in 2019. Currently, the situation is no different compared to the previous uprising in the tariffs.


To conclude in a nutshell, we can say that in order to increase the value in a down market, you need to upgrade it. In the upgrading process, you need to focus on everything from the main entrance to the backyard. Finally, modern doors and windows looking from the street attract the attention of the passer-by and help increase the value.

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