The Driver Marketing Personality: Onward and Upward

You can set yourself and your company up for success if you know your marketing personality form (along with the marketing personality styles of your coworkers). You will optimize the effectiveness…and profitability of your marketing by exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of each personality form.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the real estate SEO marketing personality style of the Driver. What part do they play in the marketing process? Let’s take a look.

1. The Marketing Personality Form of the Driver

The movers and shakers of the marketing world are the drivers. They’re the classic marketer, with their unwavering ambition and appetite for excellence. They’re willing to go to any length to achieve profitable results.

Although Driver’s fits real estate digital marketing stereotypes well, they aren’t the best match for every marketing task or challenge. They have a lot to say, but you can get the most out of them if you know their talents, weaknesses, and what makes them tick.

2. Driver Strengths

Progress is something that drivers adore. These goal-oriented men and women enjoy setting objectives and putting in the effort to achieve them. They love a good challenge and have a knack for “cutting through the nonsense” and overcoming various challenges. These personality characteristics make Drivers an excellent match for marketing, which is rife with challenges and stumbling blocks.

Drivers, as their name implies, are often the driving force behind most businesses’ marketing efforts. Many Drivers excel at persuading others to assist them in achieving their objectives and keeping them on track, so they have a knack for creating a common vision and enlisting support for their initiatives.

Furthermore, a Driver’s unwavering dedication provides them with the grit they need to find out how to get through, over, or through obstacles. For them, marketing challenges are thrilling, and they happily take on every task before it eventually yields to discover more.

3. Weaknesses of the Driver

All of that dedication, though, is not without its drawbacks. Drivers can be excellent at achieving their objectives, but in their relentless pursuit of success, they often miss out on valuable opportunities or make costly mistakes.

The majority of drivers are nearsighted. Anything that isn’t related to their present goals and interests is tossed aside. In the pursuit of change, sacrifices must be made, but drivers still struggle to see the long-term consequences of those sacrifices.

As a consequence, although Drivers seldom struggle to achieve their objectives, their strategies or outcomes are often unsustainable. If drivers aren’t aware of this crucial flaw, they risk leaving a trail of anger and devastation in their wake as they progress from “success” to “success.”

For example, when it comes to problem-solving, drivers are often more tenacious than innovative. Their strategies are more “work harder,” rather than “work smarter,” which can result in a lot of wasted time and effort. Furthermore, many Drivers have a proclivity to put ambitions ahead of people. They are also brusque in their pursuit of change, treating objections as roadblocks to be overcome rather than useful suggestions or warning signs discover more.

4. The Marketing Team’s Drivers

Drivers can excel in almost any online marketing role, depending on their personality traits, but they shine in a few specific capacities:

-Leadership: Good marketing is all about taking calculated chances, getting through roadblocks, and doing whatever it takes to succeed. As previously said, this is all right up the Driver’s alley, so it should come as no surprise that Drivers often find themselves in leadership positions. Drivers are frequently CMOs, marketing directors, and marketing team leaders. Drivers are a perfect match for leadership because of their talent for persuading others to help them accomplish their objectives—as long as their gung-ho attitude is balanced by a team of people of different personality styles discover more.

-Video Marketing: Video marketing is extremely difficult, which makes it an excellent fit for Drivers. Creating good video content, particularly promptly, necessitates a great deal of commitment, vision, the ability to prioritize what matters most, and the perseverance to see it through to completion. Although Initiators and Implementors are often drawn to the artistic aspects of video ads, they often struggle to finish or get lost in the daunting information, and it is typically the Drivers who ensure that video projects are completed.

-Paid Social Media Management: Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites necessitate a great deal of perseverance. Although these platforms can appear to be too “soft” for the Driver’s frequently blunt personality, the Driver’s intensity helps them to achieve results through sheer determination. Paid social ads can be a moving target, which is exactly the type of difficulty that Drivers thrive on.

5. Assisting a Driver

Drivers, like the other marketing personality styles, perform best as part of a team that includes all four personality types. You should keep the following in mind, depending on your personality type:


Drivers either enjoy cooperating or make each other insane. It all depends on whether their objectives are in sync or at odds with one another.


Relationships between initiator and driver can be difficult to predict. Amazing things happen when Initiators and Drivers recognize the differences between their personalities and the value they each bring to the table.


Drivers and Implementors also have difficulty communicating with one another. Drivers have a proclivity for prioritizing movement and accomplishment above everything else, including certain crucial information that is essential to achieving their objectives discover more.

Final thoughts

Drivers abound in online marketing, and with good cause. Their ambition, focus, and willingness to resolve challenges make them ideal candidates for the demanding world of marketing.

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