Tips for CBSE High School Students in Noida on How to Prepare for the 2022 Board Exams

Board exams are one of the most difficult obstacles in a high school student’s academic life. A student’s academic career includes two such board exams: the 10th-grade boards and the 12th-grade boards. 

These tests have a significant impact on students and help them advance in their academic careers. However, students’ preparation time is an important component that is sometimes overlooked. 

To study for the board test, a student must have maximum concentration, good health, and mental stability. If any of the three are interrupted, it can lead to demotivation and, as a result, inadequate preparedness. The most common problem that students experience during their preparation is time management. 

This article has addressed all of these concerns. Students must channel their efforts to get ready for such an examination. And for that, students require some board exam advice that will be beneficial to their preparation.

Board Exam Hints & Suggestions

As previously stated, there are two board examinations: 10th and 12th grades. The CBSE curriculum’s 10th and 12th-grade boards are known as AISSE and AISSCE, respectively. So, here are some pointers to help you do well in your board exams.

1. Sleep early and get up early

The first and most important thing that high school students must consider is their health. If a person is not physically fit, he or she will be unable to sit for an extended period. And taking numerous breaks while preparing is more detrimental than anything else. 

“Early to bed, early to rise” is the right mantra for this type of situation. Enough rest and rising early keep one fit and have been shown to improve concentration and perseverance.

2. Follow the syllabus

Reference books, on the other hand, may contain a wealth of knowledge. However, many students fail to recognise the relevance and significance of so much information. It is possible that such dense knowledge isn’t required for the exam. 

Why, then, should one follow it in the first place, adding to the pressure? It is preferable to stick to the syllabus since students will be able to focus their attention and feel less overwhelmed. This would ultimately benefit only the candidate.

3. Memorization technique

The approach of memorising is one of the CBSE board exam tips and tactics. If a student in a CBSE school in Noida is strong at memorising information, they will automatically have an advantage over most other students. 

If you do not know how to memorise, the simplest solution is to follow the three rules: Learn, Write, Repeat! This is a very effective method for memorizing specific courses or modules that can carry significant marks in the examination.

4. Intervals

Interruptions are caused by frequent breaks. However, it is also true that not taking any pauses might drain one’s mental condition. As a result, regular intervals are also required to comprehend and absorb what has been studied. 

A 15-minute break after 2-3 hours of studying is sufficient to preserve rhythm and balance during preparations.

5. Allocate time slots according to the subject

It is not healthy to spend all day studying with books. The procedure becomes tedious, boredom sets in, and pupils quickly lose interest and decide to switch to a different subject. However, this is not the correct method. 

Time slots must be divided according to subjects. And each subject must be prioritized exclusively during that time window. This technique helps high school students retain the flow of their studies and even covers more topics and courses in a significantly shorter period.

6. Establish short-term and attainable goals

Never set a goal that is nearly impossible to achieve. This does more damage than anything else during preparations. Instead, candidates should aim to set small, clearly attainable goals. 

This strategy not only saves time but also inspires the individual to push their limitations even further. This is one of the most crucial pieces of board exam advice that students may receive!

7. Self-confidence

The second essential quality that every learner must have is self-assurance. It has been observed that students frequently become tense before tests and, as a result, have a high likelihood of performing poorly on the paper. 

As a result, CBSE schools in Noida assist students in developing self-confidence, which is crucial because it increases a student’s mental state and helps them persevere during those long hours of preparation.

8. Remain relaxed and at ease

Nervousness, worry, and tension are all natural sentiments that a student experiences before an examination. Such feelings are typical and occur in all the examinees. However, it is the ability to control one’s emotions that distinguishes a student’s success and perseverance. 

The calmer and more composed one can remain, the more energy there will be to absorb data, theories, concepts, and so on. Stress levels will progressively decrease.

9. Do not use contractions

Avoid utilizing contractions in words when writing an exam paper. Words such as ‘wouldn’t, ‘shouldn’t,’ ‘couldn’t,’ ‘can’t,’ and ‘won’t’ should be written as ‘would not, ‘should not,’ ‘could not,’ and ‘won’t,’ accordingly. Academic writing is most effective when it is unbiased and written in a formal tone. 

Contractions are for more casual works such as blogs, personal pieces, and so on, and may result in a mark deduction in an otherwise faultless response! So, these are some CBSE board exam tips and tactics to aid examinees to appraise their study and get prepared.


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