Token of happiness with love: creative gift ideas for distant loved ones

Celebrating your happiness with family and friends adds some stars to your happy moments. However, due to job, livelihood or medical reasons, different members of the family have to move to another state or country. Members settled in another part of the country miss family warmth while celebrating their special moments. In the modern world, families can connect with each other and can easily fill that vacant space in their happiness by surprising them with gifts.

So, to make it easy for you, here are some special gifting options for your friends and family settled in different states or countries.

Photo frames

Photo frames are undoubtedly one of the best gifting options for your loved ones. There are different photo frame options available on the market. Some of them are standard frames, Gallery frames, floating frames, deep-set frames, decorative frames, collage frames, and many more. To add some personal touch, you can also customise your photo frames.

 Moreover, in modern times, it is really convenient to deliver these photo frames to another city, such as deliver or send gifts to Bangalore with the help of websites or posts.

Electronic Gadgets

When you move abroad, without your parents and siblings, it is hard for both to connect so often. Moreover, sending gifts to India that are helpful and fill that gap between you and your family is important. Electronic gadgets like Tables, smartphones, and smartwatches are the best gifting options for them. These trendy gadgets will help you connect with your family more. These gadgets are also known for modern features like measuring blood pressure, heart rate and many more. Furthermore, electronic gadgets are the best gifting option for your family if used with safety measures.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are a necessary and unique way to show your love and care for your friends and family living in a different city or country. This practical gift, without any doubt, is the best gifting option. These reusable water bottles will be handy the moment they receive them. They are the best gift as they can use these bottles in their day-to-day life or while travelling somewhere. There are many water bottle options available in the market or online, such as Thermo steel bottles, copper bottles, cup bottles, flask bottles, and others.

Furthermore, to make it more special, add their name or print photos on water bottles.


Bags are important and practical gifts for your siblings and friends. Whether your friends have to travel every day or your siblings have to go for an outing on the weekend, a bag will be the best gift option. This thoughtful gift will be a great addition to their everyday life. There are different bags available on the market. Some examples are bucket bags, backpacks, Duffel bags, shoulder bags, and messenger bags. Your loved ones will definitely like and be satisfied by receiving such a thoughtful gift. To deliver bags as gifts to a different city, such as to send gifts to Kerala, you can use a courier or post service.


Books are human’s best friend. Gifting this thoughtful gift to your far-settled friend can provide them with a way to escape from their hectic life. Books can help us to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. This knowledgeable gifting option can help them calm their thoughts and provide the necessary peace that they are seeking. There are many bookshops or publishing houses that make worldwide delivery to make it handy for you and your loved ones.

Moreover, books are also the best gifting option for younger kids. Books can open a new door of imagination in their life, and this will reflect on their creative and critical thinking skill.

Gifting to your friends and family living in different states or countries is a way to be a reason for their happiness. However, in modern times, it’s really difficult for us to know the right gifting options available. The above-mentioned giving option will help you choose the correct token of happiness.

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