Toms Food Markets is Not Just a Grocery Store

Tom and Eva Deering opened Toms Food Market on 11th Street in Traverse City in 1946. This little butcher shop started in the middle of downtown offering mostly meat when it initially opened.

15 years after its founding, Tom’s Food Market established its very first full-scale grocery store on the town’s west side in 1961.

Consequently, there are now six full-sized Tom’s Food Markets in the region. But despite its expansion, Tom’s remains committed to the Traverse City area.

Mike Esch, A Longtime Tom’s Produce Merchandiser, Explained The Situation Thusly:

“Local goods and suppliers, as well as service, are important to us.”

All Toms Food Markets purchases their products from local farmers, including potatoes and apples from Bardenhagen Farms and sweet corn from Kaleva’s Lutz Farms, to support the local economy. Because of Tom’s Food Markets’ partnership with Taste the Local Difference, it’s easy to know which items come from local farmers.

According to Esch, “we source directly from specific farmers or acquire lower amounts through Cherry Capital Foods”. Esch made the following declaration. The shop’s shelves and wine section are stocked with local goods.

Weirdo’s Lagoon At Traverse City Civic Center

However, despite the growth of large multinational chains such as Costco in the Traverse City area, Tom’s remains committed to being a local business. The bike route around Boardman Lake will be built with a $50,000 grant from Traverse Area Tart Trails. The Traverse City Civic Center Easling Pool restoration has also received a significant financial boost.

With Tom’s Food, “larger stores in the area are unable to compete.” According to Esch, the owner, and operator of one of the businesses in Traverse City, Toms Discount Code are available there.

You may find your nearest Tom’s, Food Toms Food Market at

Taste the Local Difference’s communications manager is Emma Beauchamp. The cinnamon twist doughnuts from Tom’s Food Toms Food Market in Traverse City, Michigan, were her favourite as a child. You may get in touch with her at

Your Patronage Means A Lot To Us At Tom’s.

You may get a wide variety of fresh vegetables at any of the six Tom’s Food Toms Food Market in Northwest Michigan, all of which are in season. Corn, luscious cherries, apples from Bardenhagen Farms, and local squash fill the displays throughout the harvest season. Summer is the peak season for many farmers, but Tom’s Food Market is happy to help local farmers year-round, regardless of the season.

Christy Kuhnke, The Company’s Founder, And CEO Says:

Since Tom’s first opened in Grand Traverse City in 1946, it has been a major contributor to the local economy. We’ve always relied on local farmers and producers for our food purchases.

Every Tom’s store carries more than a thousand products manufactured in Michigan. Beyond the veggie department, you’ll discover Omena Organics canned pumpkin, Michigan Farm to Freezer frozen mirepoix. And wonderful spreads from Natural Northern Foods to go along with your Great Lakes Potato Chips purchase.

Then There’s Chateau Grand Traverse And Other Michigan Favorites.

The restaurant’s wine and beer list includes M. Lawrence, St. Ambrose Cellars, and Right Brain Brewery. The company is proud to promote its Michigan-made products.

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“Our customers like supporting local, so we attempt to give them as many alternatives as possible,” says Toms Food Market Director of Operations Jeff DeRushia. We all benefit from the efforts of Tom’s and its suppliers to support our growing network of farmers and producers.

To What Extent Does Tom’s Food Markets Source All Of Its Michigan-Made Goods?

Merchandiser of Fruit and Vegetables After 22 years at Tom’s, Mike Esch has developed relationships with dozens of local farmers, which has led to the supply of over 100 local commodities.

These include Sleeping Bear Farms, Louie’s Meats, and Higher Grounds Trading Co. Coffee, all of which directly supply the Toms Food Market with their goods. Tom’s long-term business partners include two Michigan food wholesalers, Cherry Capital Foods and Greathouse Food. Toms Food Market can fulfill its promise to support the local economy in Michigan by working with these wholesalers.

Experiencing The Uniqueness Of Place

Still going strong is Tom’s Food Additionally, Toms Food Market is a corporate sponsor of Taste the Local Difference and an active participant. According to Kuhnke, if residents of Northwest Michigan spent only $10 a week on local agricultural products, it would result in an extra $5 million in revenue per year. “It’s excellent and we’re on board!” the group said, in agreement.

Tom’s Food Store You may be certain that your money will go a long way at Toms Food Market since it supports many Michigan-based food businesses. Stop by your local shop to get the best of what our state has to offer.

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