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Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Checklist to Make Your Work Easy

Do you own or manage a fantastic restaurant that you are certain clients would adore if only they knew about it? Maybe you’re new to the restaurant business, or maybe your restaurant is in a less popular part of town. In either case, you’ll need a restaurant marketing checklist to grow your business.

Restaurants can be a difficult industry to master. Furthermore, competition is increasingly fierce than ever, particularly if you operate independently rather than as part of a larger franchise. There is a lot to think about when it comes to creating a restaurant marketing checklist that is doable.

Let’s go over everything you’ll need. Here’s a comprehensive restaurant marketing checklist that will assist you in going over each idea in greater depth to ensure success.

Publish Your Website

Every restaurant marketing checklist needs to have a mobile-friendly website. The majority of people who look for places to eat do it while on the road. You will lose potential consumers if your website does not load or is difficult to navigate.

Make certain that your online menu is easily accessible (at a minimum, within a single click from the home page). If you have multiple locations, highlight them and display high-quality photographs of your food and restaurant. 

Including all necessary and correct information on your website should be part of your restaurant marketing checklist.

Optimize Local SEO

restaurant local seo

While still talking about your website, don’t forget to put attention to local SEO. Do you want to be certain your restaurant appears on Google? Make sure you understand the basics of search engine optimization in your restaurant marketing checklist.

While this appears to be a difficult process, it is actually quite simple. It simply implies putting your location in various locations on your website and tagging it on social media channels.

Optimizing SEO as part of your restaurant marketing checklist ensures that your establishment appears when visitors search for eateries in specific places.

Use Social Media Channels

Your restaurant marketing checklist must-have social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent platforms for interacting with your followers and community. It’s a great place to showcase daily discounts, introduce new dishes, promote monthly themes, or communicate directly with consumers via messages and comments.

If you want to make the most of social media (and you should), you must keep those sites active with content, updates, and community participation. You can truly tailor your brand to various types of social media.

 Just keep in mind that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars per month to implement this in your restaurant marketing checklist.

Manage Both Good and Bad Reviews

restaurant reviews - food reviews

When it pertains to having reviews on your restaurant marketing checklist, we live in a time when reputation can make or destroy a company. If customers are talking about your restaurant on Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, or other platforms, the very least you can do is search for their feedback on these popular platforms, and see what they’re saying.

One strategy to attract more reviews is to respond to both positive and negative reviews. It’s also a means to contact customers who may have had a terrible experience but were unable to appropriately voice their dissatisfaction during their visit. 

You must put in the effort to improve your restaurant’s customer service.

Google My Business

It is free and simple to claim your listing on Google My Business. By claiming your business, you can choose how information about your company, such as hours of operation, phone number, website, and directions, is displayed on Google Search and Maps.

Having a Google My Business allows your company to potentially appear when someone searches for a local restaurant near them. So, given that Google may become your most powerful advertising ally. It pushes your business to those who may never have heard of it.

 Therefore, it is strongly advised you include this successful trend in your restaurant marketing checklist.

Host Events

Holding a restaurant event now and then is a terrific way to re-energize your consumer base. Parties, stand-up performances, and concerts are excellent ways to attract consumers out of the house and into your restaurant. 

Create engaging events that provide attendees with a one-of-a-kind experience that can help your restaurant gain publicity. Including events in your restaurant marketing checklist will provide your clients a cause to try you, remember you, and return. They’re also a method to give a restaurant franchise a more local vibe. 

Your web marketing platform is an effective tool for event promotion. Invite local bloggers and reporters to attend the event to generate press coverage.

Gift Cards

Offering gift cards to existing customers is a great method to encourage repeat visits and assist you in reaching new clients. Encouraging clients to recharge their cards can drive repeat visits while also saving you money on printing new cards.

Restaurant gift cards are an excellent method to increase your revenue. This quick infusion of cash can be utilized to pay operating expenses amid the present economic downturn.

Restaurant gift cards are extremely popular, so there’s no justification to exclude them from your restaurant marketing checklist.

Consider The Email List

Gaining access to your clients’ inboxes is a good approach to improving your relationship with them. This is because mailing lists are an excellent tool to share both content and information with customers who have previously dined at your restaurant.

 You can use email lists to notify your visitors about forthcoming events and menu changes. Consider emailing in your restaurant marketing checklist to provide clients with early access to dishes or ticketed events and update them about weekend specials.

 You can also arrange a newsletter to be sent out biweekly or monthly. 

Use Menu Design to your Advantage

Restaurant food or beverage menus should be concise and uncluttered. The last thing anyone wants to do is try to interpret a crowded menu. Choose a menu maker app to create an eye-catching menu card design.

Make use of the opportunity to make your restaurant menu design stand out as one of the strongest physical promotional tools. In your restaurant marketing checklist include a distinct theme and logo that reflect the atmosphere of your restaurant.

You can even include a plastic sleeve on the back of each menu for the insertion of flyers to inform customers about special restaurant events, opportunities, and so on.

Make Posters and Banners

restaurant food banner

In the digital age, tangible advertising is becoming increasingly rare. So, having posters and banners to sell your brand can help you stand out from the crowd. People are more likely to remember your company if they see it advertised while out and about rather than having to go online and look for it!

Having posters and banners in your restaurant marketing checklist can be a fun and eye-catching approach to raising client awareness of the business. In order to convey the “feel” of your establishment, involve your restaurant logo (if you have one) as well as any slogans, taglines, or other elements in your poster designs.

Include posters and banners in your restaurant marketing checklist today to stand out to potential customers.

Wrapping Up Restaurant Marketing Checklist

Restaurant marketing, like any other type of marketing, necessitates research and a well-thought-out strategy. Because every strategy in a restaurant marketing checklist has so many moving parts, many restaurant operators choose to hire a marketing consultant or an agency to help them.

This restaurant marketing checklist will give you a point of reference for your digital marketing activities. Even if you’ve taken care of the basics on this list on your own, moving to the next level and understanding how to expand through digital marketing channels is a difficulty that even the most seasoned restaurant operators face.

The techniques outlined in this restaurant marketing checklist above will profit any restaurant. If you want to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry, it is recommended you begin adopting them right once. Most importantly, you need to have an app to create your restaurant’s menu design that grabs customers’ attention.

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