Top 5 colors to enjoy the garden during confinement

The confinement and the beautiful days of spring give us the opportunity to think about our garden. Mowing, pruning, planting and above all the layout of our terrace or our balcony.


Homary presents a very wide selection of colourful, high-end, designer and comfortable outdoor furniture to breathe new life into your garden, terrace or balcony. Discover our wide palette of colors and choose the dominant color that will enhance your outdoor space. Our tables, our chairs and our stools are fully customizable in order to create a harmonious garden space in your image.


And if you put the sun on your terrace or your balcony? The color yellow is a symbol of life, joy, power and of course light. It is the color of buttercups, sunflowers and is found in the two most popular decoration trends at the moment: the Scandinavian style and the industrial atmosphere. Homary presents many models of yellow garden chairs and tables to all those who are not shy.

Are you looking to give vitality to your terrace that is a little too dull? Choose a set of modern openwork chairs in yellow polypropylene. These sparkling chairs go perfectly with a gray, black or even solid wood table treated for outdoor use. You can of course opt for a total yellow look with matching sunflower-coloured chairs and table. Each meal, aperitif or snack taken outside will recharge your batteries for several hours!


Homary has also thought of all those who love red, the color of love, warmth and passion par excellence. Red colored chairs on your city balcony or on a large teak terrace sound like an invitation to party. Take a seat, relax and have fun with your loved ones or your guests. The red garden chairs allow you to combine a unique silhouette, an airy openwork backrest and a bright color that will spice up your exterior. The red chairs and stools go perfectly with other outdoor furniture in dark metal or wood if they are specially treated for the garden.

Do you have a green thumb? Take advantage of the confinement to plant shrubs or perennials with red flowers around your terrace. They will install a perfect game of correspondence between your garden furniture and the surrounding nature.


In your interior as on the slabs of your terrace, the black color oscillates between sobriety, elegance and refinement. Homary offers many models of chairs, armchairs, stools and garden tables in deep black, with a matte or glossy finish depending on your preferences. This black will take you back to the roughness of brushed metal, the graceful scrolls of wrought iron or the sobriety of stainless steel.

Discover, for example, the garden armchair in a black version with its very original all-encompassing backrest. Made of a single block of polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass, it features clean lines, an ultra-modern tubular backrest and perfectly stable slim legs. The armchair is available in black as well as in many other colours. It’s up to you to design an exterior that suits you, with modern, classic, vintage or authentic garden chairs.


While natural materials are making a comeback in interior decoration and exterior design, Homary invites you to place green, a natural color by definition, at the heart of your garden furniture. An apple green garden chair or a high bottle green stool on your balcony is like a little extra touch of greenery in your field of vision, and therefore an extra bit of nature in your daily life.

Do you want to create a modern atmosphere on your terrace designed in an industrial decor spirit? Let the vintage metal garden chairs transform your space! Thanks to their 1950s look and their thermosetting epoxy painted steel structure, they combine style, comfort and longevity. If you are looking for a more classic green armchair but still of high quality, head to the range of polypropylene chairs and stools.


The expertise of the Homary brand allows us to offer you all-white garden furniture, as solid as in all our other color ranges. Thanks to specific treatments for the outdoors, all of our garden furniture is designed to resist bad weather and to limit discoloration due to UV rays as much as possible.

You appreciate the purity of white, a color that is both soft and airy and can be matched with all materials and all shades. Choose our collection of white garden chairs, with their comfortable armrests and micro-perforated backrest. Thanks to this immaculate model, your exterior takes on the appearance of a Mediterranean garden. Sit down comfortably and close your eyes, all that’s missing is the lapping of the waves…

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