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Try Out These 5 Essential Tips for Frizz Free Hair

There is absolutely no doubt that you have curly hair, and that is why you clicked on this blog post. Worry not, our virtual audience, and we got treasure for you, frizz hair babies! Frizzy hair does not have a smooth texture; they have a wavy alignment because wavy or curly hair is mainly on the frizz side due to its tendency to be drier. Dry hair turns frizzy with the amount of moisture in the air, and it is necessary to take essential tips for frizz free hair. Read on to tame your frizz strands and make them behave fashionably. They are on your head. The least they could do is behave the way you want them to.

Frizzy hair got nothing on you after knowing about the essential tips for frizz free hair!

We will offer you a quick reality check. Maintaining frizzy hair is not an easy task. It takes time and effort to load hydration back into the dry hair strands. It is not a quick fix solution once in a lifetime thing; there are essential tips for frizz free hair, which are to be followed religiously by the infusion of hydration to keep frizz completely at bay. There is no such thing as ideal hair. Nourishment differs, and so do the textures. Every hair type has its problems, but we will tame this frizz today. A gentle reminder to stay away from heat hair appliances if you have curly hair.

Healthy hair is preferred over damaged and brittle hair with no life. Curly hair seems like it doesn’t have any life, but it needs to be rehydrated with the right natural products, and viola!

Five essential tips for frizz free hair

Here are five essential tips for frizz-free hair which are bound to give oomph to your locks. Do keep these tips in mind and follow them to keep frizzy hair at bay:

1. Wet is better

Wet hair is the way to go. If you have curly or wavy hair, then it is essential to do the styling with natural hair care products when the hair is soaking wet because the moisturize will be locked into the strands of your curly hair and further prevent the bizarre action of frizz from taking over. You are going nowhere if you try to tame your frizzed hair when it is dry. Whatever you apply wouldn’t bother fixing anything because the frizz has already taken over.

2. Microfiber towels over regular towels 

There has been a trend going on to plop your curly hair. It is basically for curls to hold and be bouncy. When the hair is still wet after applying natural hair care products, flip your hair into a microfiber and plop it for a couple of minutes. That will help soak all the water and not create any friction as the regular towel fibres create friction between fibres and hair strands.

3. Overload on moisturizing the strands

Moisture is frizz hair’s best friend. Always apply some hydrating and moisturizing hair care packs, serums, or conditioner, or maybe DIY them as a home remedy to pack on moisture in the moisture deficient hair. You take in vitamin D when you are deficient in it, and the same logic goes for hair. Home remedies like curd, bananas, and aloe vera are great for hair, or else try out natural hair packs. Further, go ahead and wash your hair with natural hair care shampoo

4. Detangle before showering

Curly and frizzy hair tends to be more tangled than normal hair due to its frizz and split ends. When showering, they get more tangled and later cause a lot of hair fall and breakage. This is not very good for the health of hair. This activity causes so much breakage, split ends, and frizziness. This is why detangling with a wide-tooth comb before is a must. You will also notice the amount of hair falling during showering becomes less in quantity, even when showering with natural hair care shampoo.

5. Diffuse the frizz with the help of a diffuser

The diffuser is a tool curly hair people need. It is unlike a blow-drier. They blow out soft air instead of hot air to make your hair bouncier and curlier while maintaining the moisture and the properties of all the hair products, whereas a blow drier makes the hair brittle and harsh.

It is not all your fault the environment you live in also contributes to your frizz. Extremely humid conditions are prone to having more frizz hair because the humidity is in the air and not in your hair strands, so it is obvious the hair will puff up. 

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