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What Are The Tips For Keeping Your Dorm Room From Smelling?

The Importance Of Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

It may seem daunting, but there are ways to keep a dorm room clean, no matter how small it may be. Here are some simple tips to keep your dorm room clean:

You can clean dorm room by keeping it organized. Keeping the room tidy does not have to be a big chore; adopting organization habits will reduce cleaning time. Moreover, these habits will translate into other living situations. Having an organized space to focus on your coursework and study is important. You can create a cleaning schedule and chore chart to help you stay organized.

Effective Tips To Keep Your Dorm Room From Smelling

Whether you live in a college dorm or plan to rent a dorm house, there are several ways to keep your room from smelling like the typical dorm. Some options include air fresheners, plant life, sprays, and dehumidifier bags. Make sure to read all of the instructions on each product before purchasing. Using them properly will prevent your room from smelling badly.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a good way to mask odors, but they don’t solve the problem. There are many options to freshen the air in your dorm room, including candles and essential oils. Candles and essential oils are natural but don’t smell as fresh or pleasant as air fresheners. However, Diffusers work to disperse small amounts of essential oils throughout the air, enhancing the smell for a longer period.

Another option is to buy a dryer sheet and stick it in the back of the fan. However, no air freshener will be able to make up for a stinky room, so it is important to clean the place regularly. Avoid storing expired foods, dumping garbage, and neglecting the bathroom. Maintain a clean and organized room, and you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Dorm rooms can be incredibly stinky, but thankfully, there are ways to combat the problem. Plants filter the air and add a fresh look to the room. Not only are they easy to take care of, but they don’t require a green thumb. While candles may be aesthetically pleasing, they have a lot of drawbacks. You can add some good houseplants for bedroom in your dorm as well to get rid of the stench.

Snake plants are great for the dorm room because they have a robust root system and only need water when they get completely dry. This means they can be easily neglected for weeks without losing their life. These plants will also grow well in low light conditions. And they’ll look great, too! These plants can be found in hanging pots. These are great for those with limited space who don’t like to be disturbed by their potted plants.

Dehumidifier Bags

Dorm rooms are notorious for their musty smell, usually a sign of high humidity and unhealthy mold. A mini dehumidifier can fight off those musty smells while taking up very little space in your room. You can even get eco-friendly, renewable silica gel crystals to neutralize the smells without using a chemical product.

Aside from dehumidifier bags, you can also invest in a duster. Dust can make a room look old, so using one can prevent this affliction. A duster can also be a helpful tool in cleaning your room since dust tends to collect on surfaces. Use it to clean electronics, walls, windowsills, and anything else that collects dust. Make sure you check corners for cobwebs and take inventory of areas where dust collects.


Consider using a freshness tool like baking soda or charcoal to combat the smell. The smell will disappear almost instantly once these are sprinkled on the floor. Using mothballs can also mask unpleasant smells. However, you should use these products sparingly and with an open window or fan. Using one of these products may not be sufficient for your dorm room. So, what are your options?

Essential oils are highly concentrated organic matter and smell better than synthetic ones. While they won’t permanently solve the smell, they will mask it for longer. Essential oil diffusers work by dispersing a small amount of oil into the air, essential oil diffusers can last for days. Allowing you to keep the smell in your dorm room.

Essential Oil Diffusers

There are several ways to keep your dorm room from smelling, from air fresheners to essential oil diffusers. Air fresheners only cover up the smell temporarily. The best way to eliminate the bad odor is to diffuse essential oils into the air. Not only can they help keep your dorm room from smelling, but they also do good for you!

Essential oil diffusers work by breaking down essential oils into smaller molecules. Then, these particles are dispersed around the room, giving off a pleasant aroma. Some diffusers can diffuse oils over a large area, while others are good at covering a smaller space. The most effective diffusers can cover a wide area and are made from plastic, but be sure to check for capacity.

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Using microfiber cloths to clean surfaces is an effective way to keep your dorm room clean without leaving behind any waste. Q.V.C.’s microfiber cloths have an outstanding 4.2-star rating and come in fun patterns! Don’t forget to vacuum the baseboards. You won’t notice it until you use a dorm vacuum, but it can eliminate the dirt and debris from the baseboards.

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