What Makes Pragyanam School One of the Best Schools in Gurgaon?

One thing that parents should not compromise is their children’s education quality. The school surroundings, teachers, and teaching methods play a huge role in a kid’s intellectual development. However, it is understandable that parents often get confused while picking the best CBSE school for their child. The major factor for such confusion is not having the proper knowledge about the educational needs of their kid. Plus, choosing the top school is quite difficult in Gurgaon due to the many options to choose from. This article helps parents search for the best schools in Gurgaon by discussing what they should look for in an ideal school. 

Top 5 Must-have Qualities Of The Best School For Children

Standard teacher training programs

The biggest influence on students comes from their educators. Thus, it becomes a necessity for a school to take care of frequent training, recruiting, and retaining highly qualified teachers. A top school tends to arrange teacher training programs that help educators with their professional development. As a result, they become even more capable of effectively serving students as per their respective grades and learning capabilities.

Positive learning environment 

Parents need to identify the place that allows their kids to experience growth in both intellectual and social aspects. For this, they need to search for schools in Gurgaon with a positive learning environment. Teachers’ behavior towards the students is something to look for. Find out whether they are supportive of students by talking with fellow parents and students. Additionally, ensure the shortlisted schools have strict practices against harassment and bullying of the students. Students must get well-equipped classrooms that satisfy their individual learning needs. The ideal school for your kid must have state-of-the-art learning areas and infrastructure. 

Sports facilities

The best school is one that equally invests in the physical development of a child. Aside from classroom knowledge, it is important for students to be involved in sports, as per UNESCO. It is highly recommendable for students between 8 to 12 years of age. Sports teach students values like respect, inclusion, and equity at an early age. They develop skills like leadership, teamwork, discipline, patience, sportsmanship, etc. These skills even help students in managing their studies and keep their brains active and attentive. Thus, it is recommended to look for schools in Gurgaon that provide outdoor and indoor sports facilities. Some of the must-included sports are Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Yoga, Swimming, etc. 

Ideal teacher-student ratio

The teacher-student ratio represents the population of students in a school for each teacher. It is found that the smaller the ratio, the better learning is possible. There is no fixed number for the teacher-student ratio. However, for private schools with smaller classrooms, it is preferable to have a teacher-student ratio of 1:10. This way, students can work on their strengths and weaknesses under the one-on-one guidance of qualified teachers. 

The low ratio also helps students to connect with their teachers profoundly. It allows them to work closely, collaborate and communicate well with each classmate and teacher. 

Life-skills based curriculum

It is a form of curriculum that is comparatively a new concept in the field of education. A few of the best schools in Gurgaon have adopted it to offer effective teaching. The life-skills based curriculum activities are designed to engage students to gain and apply learned knowledge in their real-life scenarios. It also aims to develop future skills and enhance the social assets of students. This involves intellect, style of speech and dress, educational knowledge etc. In the life-skills based curriculum, students get to experience the following: 

  • Transdisciplinary assignments
  • Development and innovation sessions
  • Assessment weeks
  • Personal education and presentation weeks
  • Single discipline subjects

Best schools in Gurgaon must focus on serving at least 10 life-skills based curriculum activities that WHO recommends for students. Institutions follow an extensive trial and plan to come up with continual life-skills based curriculum ideas development. 

Conclusion- Choosing The Best School For Kids

These are some of the points that parents must add to their checklist while listing the best schools in Gurgaon for their children. A positive learning experience and supportive educator make the foundation of a student’s academic growth. The right institution plays a huge role in shaping the career path and personal development of students at an early age.

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