What to Know If Your Car is Damaged in an Accident

Do you know that over 34 million cars are damaged in scrap accidents every year? If your’s becomes one of them, fast thinking and hard questions can save you a lot of aggravation scrap and money.

The repair shop–With the variety and complexity of cars today, the shop must have the equipment and experience to fix your kind of car. If the car must be towed, have it stored until you decide who will do the repairs. Don’t let a tow truck operator take the Skrotpræmie bil to a “friend who does great work.”

The estimate–There are two reasons to keep repair costs down.

1. Your auto insurance premium may rise if you have a huge repair bill.

2. If you are sued, your repair costs may be used as an indication of the severity of the accident. Beware of the shop that asks what your insurance deductible is and offers to pad the estimate to cover it. If they are willing to break insurance fraud laws, they may cheat on their repairs as well. If there is a lot of damage, get more than one estimate. Tell one of the shops that you, not the insurance company, are paying and compare this estimate with the other.

Parts–Always ask whether the estimate is for new or used parts.

 If new, will they be original manufacturer’s parts (OEM)? Ask if replaced parts are sold for scrap. Of so, their salvage value should be deducted from the repair costs.

Loaners–Many shops offer a free or low-cost car to use while yours is being repaired. If so, ask if there is a mileage charge. Many shop don’t mention it. Also find out what the car looks like; some are gaudily covered with the shop’s advertising message. If your insurance covers a rental car, it may be a better deal

How to Promote Your Used Car Business:

There are several ways to market your new home business, and I’ll cover a few of them below.

a) Find a site specific to your region.

b) Advertise on your local Gumtree or other free sites.

You can place your ads in the car section because people often look to Gumtree when they want to sell a used car or scrap.

c) Search for free local classifieds for people trying to get rid of their cars.

Most areas in the UK have free promotional books and magazines – where you can place ads for your business or business for free.

d) Search e-bay for people trying to sell cars at very low prices in your area.

You can search eBay for people who sell very cheap cars in your area (such as under 50-50). You can set up automatic tracking alerts on eBay.

Vehicle ownership and maintenance are very expensive.

There will always be times when your car will need service or replacement. Consumers have choices. They can also choose to go to a dealer and pay higher rates for repairs and original parts from a new factory. They can also go to a local repair shop and pay for labor costs as well as the cost of new parts. Another option is to go to an auto parts store, purchase the necessary parts and repair the vehicle yourself. If a consumer wants to save money and is mechanically biased, a visit to a lifeboat might be the best option. Lifeboats have many usable parts and are often the same quality and condition as new parts, but at a fraction of the cost.

A consumer may need something very small,

 Such as a door handle or they may need a complete front kit. Either way, they can get the parts they need from an auto safety company. Some vehicles brought into the auto salvage business cause only structural damage, but most of the parts are still extremely functional. The car cannot be repaired but still has very good parts for sale and reusable. Lifeboats offer many reusable parts at a lower price than buying new ones. They could also be the answer to looking for parts that may be inaccessible to dealerships or very expensive. Visiting a lifeboat business can be fun and often rewarding for people who want to keep their older cars running and looking good.


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