Where To Study Finance? The 10 Best Universities In The World

Are you interested in studying finance, and would you like to choose a highly prestigious university? Then this article on the best universities to study finance will be very useful to you.

Thanks to them, the company has a good performance, and there is a balance in its finances.

So if you want to obtain this knowledge and choose the best university, read this article. At My Success Startup, we take the time to do a little research to collect all the information available about it. You can find it below.

Why Study Finance Abroad?

Indeed in the country where you are right now, you can find a wide variety of options to study finance. However, acquiring international studies can give you a wide variety of benefits that will help you grow personally and academically.

You will learn a new language.

This will allow you to learn new slang and learn basic concepts of languages ​​such as French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

You will expand your resume.

Without a doubt, adding international studies will give your resume a plus.

You will be much smarter.

You will even learn to make essential decisions in no time.


We can find the third best city for students in England: London. 

In addition, it has one of the best universities to study finance, such as the London Business School. This higher education institution is accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development and the AACSB.

Among them, you will find postgraduate programs in finance.

South Korea

Another of the best countries to study finance is South Korea. This Asian nation is home to a significant city in the world of the metropolitan economy, as is the case of Seoul.

This city has all the necessary services so that you can have an incredible experience during your trip. Regarding the academic part, we must mention that it has more than 200 business schools with a tremendous international reputation.

Among these schools, we can highlight the Seoul National University, which offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in finance. Each of the classes is held in English, but you have the opportunity to take Korean courses if you wish.


The United States is home to the best universities to study finance, but we must talk about one in particular: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Located in Boston, it currently has one of the best business schools not only on the continent but in the entire world.


The city of Hong Kong, located in China, is an excellent option for international students. It even owns the seventh largest stock exchange in the world.

We can find the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology within its territory. Founded in 1991 and with more than 14,000 students enrolled.


The fifth place in this ranking of the best universities to study finance is occupied by the University of Melbourne.

You will have access to a unique quality of life in Melbourne, where this institution is located. In addition, we must mention that it is one of the leading financial centers in the world. Therefore, it is an ideal place to study finance.

The business department at the University of Melbourne will allow you to study for a bachelor’s degree. Once you have acquired this undergraduate degree, you can expand your knowledge with a postgraduate degree.


Another of the best countries to study finance in Singapore. Like the city of Melbourne, this Asian country is among the best financial centers. As if that were not enough, it has one of the top five busiest ports worldwide.

On the other hand, it is an excellent option for foreigners. Its tax rate is relatively low, there are very few levels of corruption, and it has ample economic freedom.

The National University of Singapore is within its territory, an institution specializing in ​​finance. 


In France, we can find the city that has been named for two consecutive years as the best place for both local and international students: Paris. In this city, higher education prices are extremely accessible, making it an ideal opportunity for those who may not have much money.

This is a great advantage for finance students since they can find multiple job offers.

If you want to study in this country, we recommend looking at the Escuela de Estudios Superiores de Comercio. This university specializes exclusively in ​​business and offers complete study programs for finance careers.


If you do not know English, Mexico can be an ideal country to study finance. You will find academies like the IPADE Business School (Pan-American Institute of Senior Business Management). It was founded in 1967, and its main campus is in Mexico City.

As you can see from its name, this university specializes in business careers such as finance. 


The European continent provides another of the best universities to study finance. In this case, we will talk about an institution located in Spain, specifically in the city of Barcelona and MadridESADE Business School.


Finally, in the last position of this ranking, we find Canada one of the best countries to study finance. This is mainly due to their excellent quality of life, which is one of the highest in the world. In addition, its economy is relatively stable, so all essential services are usually accessible.

Although there is a wide variety of study houses in its territory that offer this degree, the best is the University of Alberta. Its business department offers up to 8 finance courses in undergraduate and graduate programs.

This department has several financial research and development centers that are highly recognized nationally and internationally.

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