Which Handyman Services Are the Most Popular in Dubai?

You probably require several handyman services in Dubai each year to maintain your home. The average Dubai resident uses ServiceMarket 6–8 times a year to schedule home maintenance services. ServiceMarket has compiled the top Handyman Home Services in the area. Additionally, this article will assist you in comprehending their price.

The following variables affect how much handyman services cost:

Duration of the work

If you hire a Handyman Home Services by the hour, the cost will increase the longer the project takes, or the more days it takes. Also, it is cheaper to hire a handyman for two or more hours than one. A handyman in Dubai, for instance, will cost you AED 129 for a single hour of work, but if you hire him for four or more hours, the charge drops to AED 109.

Service provided by a handyman

You may be charged on an hourly basis or a flat amount for the entire task, depending on the type of service. For instance, maintenance businesses in Dubai typically charge by the hour for plumbing and electrical work. Still, each unit has a set payment for tasks like TV mounting and AC servicing.

Extra materials and parts

While the Handyman Home Services might include essential parts and accessories like nuts and bolts, you will be charged extra if a light bulb or other significant appliance component needs to be changed. You could pay more if you have a particular brand or color requirement. Painting services typically include a few brands and colors as part of the service.

The project’s range

Instead of choosing an hourly fee, you could wish to request estimates from many maintenance businesses in Dubai if you have a sizable work or like to compare prices before making a choice. For instance, if you intend to remodel your home, you might ask for quotations.

What to consider before hiring a handyman service

You should first see if the predicted number of hours or days they provided matches what you were anticipating. Find out how many Cheap Handyman Dubai will be assign to the job as well. Verify whether any parts or supplies require for the project are list in the quote or if you will need to purchase them separately. When comparing handyman quotes, it’s essential to keep in mind that choosing the one that’s the lowest price might not be the best course of action. The project’s difficulty should consider before deciding whether to hire a handyman.

A minimal service charge

Another thing to remember is that a handyman will charge a minimum of AED 99 even if they labor for less than an hour.

Assembling furniture

Contrary to popular belief, correctly assembling and disassembling furniture can be time-consuming and difficult. A skilled handyman can accomplish this quickly. Additionally, they can aid in IKEA furniture assembly. The same fees are charge.

Hanging curtains

Booking handyman services to hang curtains and install shutters and blinds will save you time and simplify the procedure, whether you’ve recently moved in or are renovating your house. The same hourly rates apply to bookings.

Spotlights and light bulbs

A qualified handyman can be hire at these hourly rates to install spotlights, change lightbulbs, and install ceiling lights.

Installation and repair of home appliances

Call a handyman if your fridge isn’t keeping your food cold or you need a new dishwasher installed. You may schedule a home appliance service in Dubai for 129 AED per hour.

How frequently do you use a handyman in Dubai?

On ServiceMarket, Dubai residents typically make six to eight bookings for handyman services each year. Generally speaking, you will want home maintenance services more frequently the older your home is. Additionally, you’ll need to periodically engage handyman services to handle various duties. For instance, your home’s AC units require maintenance at least three to four times a year.

You can do it quickly and easily through ServiceMarket, whether you need to hire a handyperson in Dubai for plumbing work or to complete a unique task like hanging a TV. ServiceMarket has been praise in numerous articles as the supplier of the top handymen in Dubai since it only collaborates with carefully screen home maintenance businesses.

Depending on the annual maintenance package you choose, some of the services you can use each year include having your AC serviced two to four times, using handyman, plumbing, and electrician services a few times, and making emergency calls for AC, plumbing, and electrical problems.

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